Extra Support for our 9th and 10th Grade Students

Interlochen Arts Academy students don't just make it through high school–they thrive. Our 9th and 10th grade students receive the support they need as they pursue their interests, passions, and goals within and beyond high school.

Initiatives and Activities:

  • Group Bonding & Friendship-Building Activities. Students may participate in special activities specifically for their age group. These activities include field trips, recreational activities, and social events. Incoming 9th and 10th-grade students also participate in special orientation sessions before the start of school to help build early friendships and ensure a strong start to their Academy experience.
  • Students meet weekly with an Advisory group. Their adult advisor utilizes an age-specific curriculum. Advisory topics for this age group include: sleep hygiene, gossip & bullying, personal identity, goal-setting, time management, family communication, friendships and relationships, decision-making, gratitude, and more.
  • Age-specific college preparation & standardized testing workshops are offered for all grade levels.
  • An assigned Academic & College Counselor is dedicated to supporting students, with an eye on their wellbeing and academic and artistic success. This same counselor follows students throughout their four years at IAA.
  • Skilled Instructors of Residence Life have day-to-day contact with students, who are housed in age-specific residence halls. 
  • Special early-arrival orientation at the start of the Academy year. 9th/10th-grade students are invited to arrive to campus one day early in the fall for a dedicated day of orientation and special activities.

The team focuses on providing the following supports, helping students develop and achieve:

  • Time management skills: Balancing artistic passion, academics, and fun
  • Strong study skills
  • General well-being: Sleep, hygiene, and healthy choices
  • A strong sense of belonging
  • Transition to independence

Team Members

All our faculty and staff work together to create a healthy and nurturing environment for all our students. Our 9th and 10th Grade Team meets regularly to discuss the evolving needs of our youngest students and to address specific student needs or concerns. Our team is led by Elizabeth Stuk, Dean of Student Life.

Elizabeth Stuk

Elizabeth Stuk

Dean of Student Life

Megan Walton

Megan Walton

Vice Provost of Student Life

Michael Kern

Michael Kern, Ph.D.

Director of Student Support Services

Additional Supports Available to All Students

All students on our campus have access to a wide range of services and resources to support them throughout their time here. These services include:


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