Student Representative Board

Interlochen Arts Academy's Student Representative Board (SRB) provides a meaningful voice to progress the institution forward for current and future students.

The SRB includes representatives from each class and major, as well as representatives from student groups. SRB members interact with the faculty, staff, and administration to achieve student-focused initiates and to represent the needs of their constituents. Elections for the SRB are held each fall.

What can the Student Representative Board do for you?

Questions? Concerns? Want to be involved? Send us an email.

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What is the Student Representative Board?

  • The Student Representative Board is the Interlochen Arts Academy student government. We are here as a bridge between the students, faculty, and administration. We work to make change in the community and act as the voice of the student body in administrative meetings. 

Who can be involved?

  • Anyone! There are no restrictions based on class, returning/new, domestic/international.

How can I get involved?

  • The application is open to all students. Interested students are required to fill out the application. Students who would like more details or have questions about the application are encouraged to reach out to us at

Who can I represent?

  • Positions are available for each class and major. Please see a detailed breakdown below. Students may only represent one demographic. For example, a senior music major cannot represent both the senior class and the music division.
    • (2) Freshman Representatives
    • (2) Sophomore Representatives
    • (2) Junior Representatives
    • (2) Senior Representatives
    • (1) Postgraduate Representative
    • (1) Day Student Representative
    • (1) International Student Representative
    • (2) Music Representatives
    • (1) Theatre Representative
    • (1) Visual Arts Representative
    • (1) Creative Writing Representative
    • (1) Film & New Media Arts Representative
    • (1) Dance Representative
    • (1) Interdisciplinary Arts Representative

How are representatives chosen?

  • Class representatives give a short two-minute speech and are then elected by their class.
  • Major representatives are selected by their respective division directors.
  • The day student representative and international student representative are selected by the Dean of Students along with the Directors of Residence Life and International Student Services Coordinator respectively.

What is the time commitment?

  • Board meetings meet for one hour each week. Students may sit on subcommittees that meet at the discretion of the subcommittee chair.