Academic and College Counseling

Personalized Academic Student Support

Interlochen Arts Academy recognizes that each student's educational experience is personal and unique. We strive to tailor the academic and college counseling experience to meet the needs of the individual.

During your junior and senior year, counselors work intensively with students to support the college admissions process.

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College Counseling Process

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Applications & Resources

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Our team's primary responsibility is to guide your academic scheduling and preparation during your time at Interlochen. If you are seeking mental health or emotional support, please make an appointment with a School Counselor.

You'll receive support planning your academic course selections in these general areas:

  • General education and preparedness
  • Artistic goals and aspirations
  • Collegiate or conservatory goals

Please click an individual scheduling link below to schedule a meeting.

Chad Gapinski

Chad Gapinski

Executive Director of Advising & Counseling Services

231.276.7493 231.276.7493 Send Email
Darya Barna

Darya Barna

Academic & College Counselor

231.276.7845 231.276.7845 Send Email
Katherine Campbell

Katherine Campbell

Academic & College Counselor

231.276.7421 231.276.7421 Send Email
Kaleigh James

Kaleigh James

Academic & College Counselor

231.276.4893 231.276.4893 Send Email
Deanna Sayer

Deanna L. Sayer

Director of Academic & College Counseling

231.276.7477 231.276.7477 Send Email

International Student Support

Kalyn Rabuse

Kalyn Rabuse

International Student Services Manager

231.276.7524 231.276.7524 Send Email
Jaime Weidner

Jaime Weidner

Admission Coordinator & International Student Advisor

231.276.7498 231.276.7498 Send Email