Emergency Procedures

Immediate Help

Emergency: 911
Campus Safety: 231.276.7575
Health Services: 231.276.7220


Report any accidents immediately to an instructor of residence life, faculty, or staff member who can assist with the problem. In the event no adult is present, call the switchboard operator (by dialing 0) on a campus phone. The operator will then contact Health Services, Campus Safety, or another appropriate source for assistance. In serious situations, call 911 directly from any campus phone or cellular phone. If a cellular phone is used, make sure to provide the specific location of the incident.


Students should learn the location of the pull stations in case of a fire emergency. In case of a fire, pull the fire alarm and leave the building by the closest exit. Students should assemble at the pre-designated area until the Arts Academy staff or faculty in charge give instructions. The adult in charge will give the "all clear" when the situation has been determined to be safe by the Fire Department. Once the Fire Department declares the scene to be safe, or an adult has checked the building completely, the adult will direct the students to return to the building.

At least five fire drills are conducted in each residence hall during the school year, which is a State of Michigan requirement.

Tornado / Severe Weather

If thunder and/or lightning are present, all students should immediately seek shelter in the nearest Arts Academy building and remain inside until an adult states that the severe weather has passed. Severe weather or tornado watches indicate that weather conditions are favorable for the development of more severe conditions.

Tornado/Severe Weather WATCH: An administrator will make the decision if and when classrooms will be notified of a "watch." If the decision is made to notify the classrooms, an administrator will designate someone to do so. All persons notified shall be prepared to institute the "take cover" procedure described below. A watch does not constitute immediate danger, but to stay alert for the development of more severe weather.

Tornado/Severe Weather WARNING: A “warning” indicates that a tornado has been sighted and everyone should take cover immediately. Campus Safety and the switchboard operator will be notified when a tornado warning is in effect. Students, faculty, and staff will be notified via electronic means, campus telephones, public address system, and/or verbally. The Storm Evacuation Plan on the following page describes appropriate courses of action throughout various campus locations and times of day.

Storm Evacuation Plan

The Take Cover Signal is a two-minute steady blast siren, followed by an announcement via the Informacast broadcast system. The All-Clear Signal is a 30-second siren blast, followed by one minute of silence and another 30-second siren blast.

Two campus-wide tornado drills will be conducted each academic year.

  • If indoors, stay clear of windows, draw curtains, move to a north or east wall, take cover under desk, tables, etc.
  • If outdoors, lie in a ditch or other area below ground level.
  • When lightning is present, everyone should remain indoors.
  • Buildings with more than one area of cover are listed in order of preference.
  • Stone Center will be used for anyone seeking shelter on campus.
  • If time does not permit, move to a designated area of cover (see below).
Designated Areas Of Cover
BuildingsAreas of Cover
Admissions/Admission AnnexBasement of Admissions
Back Row Housing Units (F. Stock Avenue)Basement of Hemingway
Bonisteel LibraryBasement of Bonisteel Library
Campus Center BuildingsBasement of Campus Center / Scholarshop
Chapel/Recital HallBasement of Corson Auditorium
Community SchoolGym of Community School
ConcourseBasement of Maddy Building or of Bonisteel Library
Corson AuditoriumCorson Auditorium Basement, Hallways, Stairs, Restrooms
Costume ShopBasement of Harvey Extension
Dance BuildingBasement of Dance Building
Dennison CenterBasement of Hemingway
DeRoy HallBasement of DeRoy Hall
Dow House Residence HallBasement of Dow House
Dow Science Rotunda ClassesBasement of Bonisteel Library
Dow Visual Arts BuildingBasement of Visual Arts Building
Eugene Ormandy HousingIndividual Basements
Faculty Lane Housing North/SouthIndividual Basements
Fine ArtsBasement of Stone Student Center
Frohlich Piano/Percussion BldgWindowless Rooms of 1st floor and Basement
Front Row Cottages OrmandyBasement of SAI 1 & 2, Corson Basement
Harvey Theatre and ExtensionBasement of Harvey Extension
Hemingway HouseBasement of Hemingway House
IPRBasement of IPR
Liberal Arts Rotunda ClassesBasement rooms of Maddy Building
Maddy BuildingBasement of Maddy Building
Main CampusBasement of Stone Center
Maintenance and CustodialBasement of Corson Auditorium
Mallory-Towsley (MTCAL)Basement of Mallory-Towsley (MTCAL)
McWhorter Residence HallBasement of Mozart/Beethoven
Mott Rotunda ClassroomsBasement of Maddy Building
Mozart/Beethoven ResidenceBasement of Mozart/Beethoven
NorpinesBasement of Norpines
PhoenixBasement of MTCAL
Picasso HouseBasement of Picasso
Program OfficeBasement of Hemingway
Scene Shop (Phoenix)Basement of Scene Shop
ShedBasement of Corson Auditorium
Stone CenterBasement of Stone Center
Thor JohnsonBasement of Thor Johnson
Uniform BuildingBasement of Hemingway
Writing HouseBasement of Writing House
Lockdown Procedure

Lockdown information includes drill vs. actual emergency language and directions, as well as process instructions. In addition to email and person-to-person contact, audio warning tones and verbal announcements will come through the office/classroom telephones and the Informacast public address speakers.

What you will hear IN A DRILL: “Attention please...this is a drill. Please follow lockdown procedures...this is a drill, please lock down now. This is a drill.” (Repeat)

What you will hear IN AN ACTUAL EMERGENCY: “Attention please...Lock down now. This is an emergency. Please lock down now. Follow your lock down procedures. Lock down now.” (Repeat)  

Immediately Seek Shelter and Secure the Room

  1. Get and keep everyone inside (classroom, office, stage, studio, restroom, closet, etc.).
  2. Close and lock all doors.
  3. Close and lock windows; close blinds.
  4. Turn off lights.

When Room Is Secure

  1. Move to an area of the room that is out of the line of sight; get under cover.
  2. Stay low and silent.
  3. Limit the use of cell phones.
  4. If possible, communicate any unusual activity by phone to Campus Safety 231.276.7575.
  5. Remain in place until the door is unlocked from the outside. Do not open the door for anyone!
  6. Once you get the “All Clear” announcement, report immediately to Corson Auditorium for attendance.