Pre-Arrival Checklists

We are excited to welcome you to Interlochen Arts Camp! Please follow the checklists below to ensure a smooth arrival.

Required for All Students

The Education Community is your personalized information resource. Log in to the Education Community to view your arrival and departure dates, complete required forms, receive personalized assistance, view your enrollment agreement, and more. 

The Camp Handbooks contain important and useful information to help you prepare for camp and have a successful summer. 

Camp Handbook  

Log in to the Education Community to pay your enrollment deposit and reserve your space at Interlochen Arts Camp.

Visit the Scholarshop to order your Interlochen Arts Camp uniform today. The Camp uniform, worn by all campers (except Intensive students), faculty, and staff, is one of Interlochen's oldest traditions and dates from the first summer in 1928. Properly worn, the Interlochen uniform serves to distinguish faculty, staff, and students from our thousands of campus visitors each day, important in these times of security. Students are expected to remember that they are always representing Interlochen whenever they are in uniform.

From the beginning, the Interlochen uniform has meant:

A spirit of unity
A simplified day
A means of identification
A blurring of class distinctions

The uniform is both simple and flexible. The most important aspect of wearing the uniform is neatness. It is worn every day to the dining room, classes, concerts, performances, and all activities on main camp. Students are required to purchase Interlochen logo polo shirts from the Scholarshop. All other uniform part options must be provided by the student.

Junior Camper Uniform Specifics
Intermediate Camper Uniform Specifics
High School Camper Uniform Specifics

Please note: Students enrolled in a 1-week summer Intensive do NOT wear the Interlochen uniform.

Log in to the Education Community to submit your Arrival Travel Plans Form. This is due four weeks prior to your arrival date. Submit your Departure Travel Plans Form as well. All student travel plans must be submitted using this form, including those arriving and departing by car.

A Camp Health Form is required annually, and needs to be received in Health Services at least two weeks prior to the start of your camp session (a late fee of $25 will be charged for late Health Forms). Medical information is kept confidential and shared with others on campus only on a “need to know” basis. Due to confidentiality issues, information about completing the Camp Health Form through Camp Doc is sent to parents via email.

You can find a complete packing list by following the appropriate link below:

Junior Packing List
Intermediate Packing List
High School Packing List
Intensives Packing List

Laundry for Junior and Intermediate students is sent each week to a professional laundry service. The laundry service charge is included in the tuition for Juniors and Intermediates.

High School students remaining for three weeks or longer have the option of using the laundry service (order form available via the Education Community website - $70 for 3 weeks, or $124 for 6-weeks, including the laundry bag) or doing their own laundry in machines located in each high school camp division.

Personal Account

Nearly all students maintain a personal account with the Interlochen Business Office. The recommended amount is $50 per week for Juniors and Intermediates, and $75-100 per week for High School. Depending on the Camp division, this money is accessed in a variety of ways. Parents can deposit money by sending a check to the Business Office. Families may also use the Personal Account link to deposit money.

A dispensing-only ATM is also located in the Stone Hotel Lobby. We strongly discourage students from keeping large amounts of money in their wallets or in cabins.

If your program requires any permission slips, these will be available in the Education Community.

Optional Services and Forms

Interlochen Arts Festival concerts are presented by Interlochen Center for the Arts and take place on main campus. These concerts feature commercial artists like Josh Groban, Diana Ross, The Beach Boys, Steve Martin and Martin Short, Reba McEntire, and more. These concerts are not a part of the instructional program, and campers are not required to buy tickets or attend these concerts but many do. Access to student ticket order forms for Interlochen Arts Festival events will available in mid-April. Please only order tickets for students through the Student Box Office, available in early May in the Education Community.

Some events may not be appropriate for younger students and can run very late. Interlochen staff reserve the right to limit concert selections or have campers leave a performance early. Junior campers will depart these events at 9 p.m., which may result in missing the headlining act.

While the Dining Services team cannot provide individualized diet plans, they do work closely with students and families to accommodate students with food allergies. If you have a food allergy, taking the following steps will help Interlochen serve your needs during your stay at Interlochen.

  1. Contact the Dining Service Office at to schedule a consultation. Typically these meetings are held when parents are dropping their student off at the beginning of the Camp session.
  2. Prepare a written description of the student's food allergies for the dining service staff prior to the meeting. Also notify Health Services about the student's health needs.
  3. During your consultation, a member of the dining services staff will develop and share a plan that accommodates the student's needs. This may include setting up a system of communication to inform a student in advance of any menu item containing allergens. If necessary, Interlochen will also provide access to food storage, refrigerators, and microwaves that are safe from cross-contamination.
  4. Work with the student to ensure that they are implementing their food plan. The student must be an active participant in adhering to their dietary needs for any plan to be successful.

Here are some helpful phone numbers to print out and save.

Scheduling for All Students231.276.5230
High School Pines HQ231.276.7275
High School Lakeside HQ231.276.7271/70
Intermediate Pines HQ231.276.7265
Intermediate Lakeside HQ231.276.7260
Intermediate Meadows HQ231.276.7280
Junior Pines HQ231.276.7255
Junior Lakeside HQ231.276.7250
Duck Lake Health Center231.276.7225
Green Lake Health Center231.276.7224
Main Health Center231.276.7220
Campus Safety231.276.7575
Dining Services231.276.7560
Student Banking231.276.7348
Travel (Arrival/Departure)231.276.7373

Click here to check out virtual resources for Interlochen Arts Camp.

Music Students

Music students should log in to the Education Community to complete these tasks:

  • Private Lesson Teacher Request (Optional)*
  • Review Your Audition Repertoire
  • Rent an Instrument (if needed)

*Not applicable to students attending 1-week Intensives.