High School Packing List

High School Camp students all wear the Interlochen uniform, and those who choose to board live together in cabins. Here is a complete packing list, along with some helpful information about the cabins, the uniform, and shipping.

Please be sure to review both the All Student packing list, as well as the Arts Areas Supplies list for your major. You'll find both packing lists below.

Clothing and Uniform Items

The Camp uniform, worn by all students, faculty, and staff, is one of Interlochen's oldest traditions and dates from the first summer, 1928. Properly worn, the Interlochen uniform serves to distinguish faculty, staff, and students from our thousands of campus visitors each day, important in these times of security. Students are expected to remember that they are always representing Interlochen whenever they are in uniform.

From the beginning, the Interlochen uniform has meant:
A spirit of unity
A simplified day
A means of identification
A blurring of class distinctions

The uniform is both simple and flexible. The most important aspect of wearing the uniform is neatness. It is worn every day to the dining room, classes, concerts, performances and all activities on main camp. Students are required to purchase Interlochen logo polo shirts from the Scholarshop. If needed, corduroy slacks and corduroy knickers may be borrowed from Interlochen. All other uniform part options must be provided by the student.

Uniform Shirts - Always Worn Buttoned and Tucked In

Please purchase your uniform shirts from the Interlochen Scholarshop:

  • Six light-blue polo shirts with the Interlochen logo
  • Two white polo shirts with the Interlochen logo

Light-blue shirts are worn Tuesday through Saturday; white shirts are worn on Sunday. Students may choose to wear either blue or white on Mondays.

Uniform Bottoms

Uniform bottoms should be purchased before arriving at Interlochen (appropriate shorts are available at the Scholarshop for your convenience). Bottom choices must be navy blue cotton or corduroy; no denim, jeans fabric, cut-offs, or exercise-style material are permitted. All bottoms must be worn at the natural waistline and should be classic styled, tailored, and hemmed. Pants can be capri or ankle-length; shorts and skirts should be at least mid-thigh length. If you plan to wear a belt as an identifier, make sure your bottom choices have belt loops.

Students enrolled in musical ensembles must wear corduroy slacks or knickers for performances. These items will be provided by Interlochen and must be returned at the end of the session.

  • Six pairs of navy blue shorts
  • Navy blue cotton slacks or capris (recommended)
  • Navy blue skirt, skort, or jumper
  • Navy blue corduroy slacks (provided by Interlochen)
    • Male cut, tailored, ankle-length slacks with belt loops
    • Required for students in music ensembles
    • Available to other students as inventory allows
  • Navy blue corduroy knickers (provided by Interlochen)
    • Female cut, buttoned at the knee, worn with pulled-up knee socks
    • Required for students in music ensembles
    • Available to other students as inventory allows

All students are required to wear their Camp ID and a color-coded age division identifier at all times. Interlochen will provide a Camp ID, lanyard, and color-coded belt. Color-coded socks are available for purchase at the Scholarshop. Appropriate identifier combinations for High School students include:

  • Casual option one - Light blue belt + white socks
  • Casual option two - Light blue socks
  • Casual option three - Light blue belt + light blue socks
  • Dress option one - Corduroy trousers + light blue belt + navy socks
  • Dress option two - Corduroy knickers + light blue knee socks, pulled up + optional light blue belt
Socks and footwear
  • Socks (combined total of 8-10 pairs)
    • Light blue knee socks and/or light blue ankle socks (required for students opting for the light blue socks as an identifier)
    • Navy blue or white socks
  • Shoes
    • 2-3 pairs of sturdy, comfortable shoes (athletic, tennis, clogs, street shoes, etc.)
    • One pair of sandals or beach shoes (beach/water shoes are recommended as our lakes are rocky)
    • Music students should bring one pair of dark colored, performance-appropriate shoes
    • Visual Arts and Theatre Design & Production students must wear closed-toed shoes at all times when in the studio or shop
  • One solid red sweater or sweatshirt (crew or cardigan but not hooded)
    • Required for all students who will appear on stage for performances or presentations
    • Appropriate items are available at the Interlochen Scholarshop
  • One to two sweatshirts or hoodies (any color)
  • One raincoat, poncho, or lightweight jacket (any color)
Recreation clothing

Recreation clothing should all follow a modest, tasteful style. Keep in mind that High School students in general need one to two casual/recreational outfits.

  • One pair of blue jeans
  • One to two casual items to wear at mixers (dresses must be fingertip length)
  • One to two bathing suits (should be adventure-appropriate. No string, thong, or crochet suits are permitted)
  • Two pairs of casual shorts (fingertip length)
  • Four pairs of sweat or sports socks
  • One pair of sweatpants
  • Three to four T-shirts (any color)
Miscellaneous clothing 
  • 12 pairs of underwear (suitable for washing by commercial laundry)
  • Two to three pairs of pajamas (one pair flannel/heavy or sweats)
  • Accessories
    • Small and unobtrusive accessories are preferred
    • Hats must be removed while indoors and during rehearsals
  • Rehearsal attire (see major-specific lists below for details)

Packing for Airline Travel

If you are flying to Interlochen, place the following items in carry-on luggage:

  • One to two pairs of underwear
  • One to two uniform items
  • Contact lenses/solution/glasses 
  • Toothbrush
  • Audition materials
  • Anything you can’t live without while your luggage finds its way to you

Bedding and Linens

  • Two sets inexpensive sheets for regular twin-size bed (not extra long) 
  • One mattress pad for regular twin-size bed (not extra long)
  • One pillow 
  • Two pillow cases 
  • Three to four washcloths
  • Two warm blankets (not electric). We suggest one blanket or comforter as one of the blankets and a sleeping bag as the other blanket. Students must sleep in linens
  • Two to three bath towels
  • One beach towel

A bedding and bath set may be purchased from the Scholarshop and includes one blanket, one pillow, two bed sheet sets, two washcloths, and two bath towels.

Miscellaneous Items

  • 7 masks suitable for laundering or 2 disposable masks per day, 1 black mask for all performing groups - must follow CDC Masking Guidelines
  • 1oz or 2oz hand sanitizer bottles, clip-on variety to attach to lanyard, 2-3 bottles per week of attendance
  • One laundry service package (provided by Interlochen –contains one light blue bag and one mesh bag) 
  • Laundry detergent (if not using laundry service)
  • Laundry marker
  • Spare prescription glasses and/or contacts (strongly recommended)
  • Padlock for cabin lockers (Lockable lockers are not available in all cabins)
    • High School students using instrument lockers in The Music Center or The Shed must use the lock provided by Interlochen 
  • One item to share with your cabin: 
    • Family/last name A-H: Bottle liquid hand soap
    • Family/last name I-S: One box of Kleenex
    • Family/last name T-Z: Pump or lotion bug repellent (Click here for information from the CDC about mosquito bite prevention)
  • Toiletry articles and small tote for toiletries
  • Soap and soap dish/container or body wash
  • Lotion
  • Plastic drinking cup and/or
  • Plastic water bottle (required for all students; we suggest 20oz or larger)
  • Belt
  • Pens, pencils, stationery, and postage stamps
  • Flashlight and/or book light and extra batteries 
  • Luggage cart for medium and large instruments
  • Inexpensive watch 
  • Umbrella 
  • Rain boots
  • Backpack or tote to carry to classes (required)
  • Camera and accessories
  • Books (no more than three) 
  • Sunscreen (required)
    • Broad spectrum
    • Water resistant
    • SPF of at least 30 is recommended
  • Small battery-operated fan (plug-in electric fans are not permitted due to limited outlets) 

Do NOT Bring

  • Nice jewelry
  • Items of high monetary or sentimental value
  • Large stereo sets, TVs, or appliances
  • Large electric amplifiers
  • Keyboards
  • Food, candy, or gum
  • Bicycles, rollerblades, skates, scooters, skateboards, or Heelies (shoes with wheels)
  • Computers (permitted only for specific majors)
  • Large amounts of non-uniform clothing
  • Large weights or workout equipment
  • Over-the-counter medications

Electronic Devices

Students may bring small battery-operated radios, MP3/CD players, Kindles, Nooks, and iPods, provided they are equipped with earphones. Students who bring small electronic devices do so at their own risk. Any inappropriate items brought to Interlochen will be confiscated and stored or shipped home at the student's expense. Interlochen is not responsible for lost or damaged confiscated or collected items. Recordings with “parent advisory” labels are not permitted for public broadcasting in any location or activity.

Cell Phones, Computers, and Personal Devices

Wifi enabled devices policies are strictly enforced. Students who abuse the cell phone policy may have their device use limited or denied. Interlochen is not responsible for lost or damaged devices that are brought to Camp. Unless laptops are indicated as required for the artistic program, they are to be left at home. Storage and charging options are extremely limited. 

High School students are permitted to keep devices in their possession but are expected to adhere to established parameters for device use that will be explained to them by faculty and Camp division staff. Cell phone use is not permitted during performances and in cabins, the dining hall, or other venues identified by faculty and staff.

Camp Life
Each evening at call to quarters, counselors will collect all phones and place them in a lockbox. Phones are returned after line-up the following morning. Students who fail to follow the guidelines will lose phone privileges for a period of time. Students who use music or apps at night as a sleep aid will need to bring a non-data enabled device.

Classes and Studios
Students may only use mobile devices when specifically permitted by the instructor. 

Labels for Clothing and Equipment

It is important that all articles of clothing and other belongings have a name clearly marked for quick and easy identification. Please mark other personal items with a permanent laundry marker and on the inside of all clothing. Experience has proven that iron-on labels do not withstand several weeks at Interlochen. Paste an inventory list of clothing and equipment inside footlocker or suitcase to facilitate packing at the close of the Camp session. Pack in duffel bags, suitcases, or footlockers, as storage space is limited. All bags will be stored in the cabin rafters, and are not used during your time at Interlochen.


Arts Area Supplies

You will receive a program letter from your arts area with a list of supplies. The list of supplies in the program letter is the most accurate, up-to-date list. Here is a general list of items that are likely to be included in the program letter supplies.

High School students are required to bring a laptop computer. It is not necessary to bring a printer. Computer usage and internet access are strictly limited to work being done for classes.  Students who bring laptops are responsible for their storage and security, and should be aware that laptops are to be used for creative writing purposes only.

No clothing other than the dance attire listed below will be permitted in class. All dancers are expected to be well groomed. Long hair must be worn up and off the neck. Many items are available online at the Scholarshop.

Female-Identifying High School Ballet and Modern Dance Majors

  • Eight black leotards (any sleeve type) 
  • One nude-colored leotard (for under costumes)
  • Five pairs of pink tights
  • Five pairs of black footless or black convertible tights
  • Two pairs of pink ballet shoes 
  • One pair of black, split-sole jazz shoes 
  • One to two pairs of pointe shoes (ballet majors only) 
  • One pair of character shoes
  • One full, knee-length character skirt
  • Performance make-up: brown eye shadow, foundation powder, black eyeliner, mascara, blush, red lipstick
  • Hair needs for bun, including hairnets
  • Foot care needs
  • Yoga mat
  • Long-sleeved, tight-fitting black shirt for floor work
  • Second session only: extra pair of pink ballet shoes for "Les Preludes" rehearsal

Male-Identifying High School Ballet and Modern Dance Majors

  • Eight white, short-sleeved, close-fitting T-shirts 
  • Five pairs of black tights with ability to be footless (men’s thickness)
  • Five pairs of ankle-length white socks 
  • Two pairs of white ballet shoes 
  • Six dance belts 
  • One pair of black, split-sole jazz shoes
  • One pair of character shoes (optional)
  • Performance make-up: light brown pencil, gloss for lips
  • Foot care needs
  • Yoga mat
  • Long-sleeved, tight-fitting black shirt for floor work
  • Second session only: extra pair of white ballet shoes for "Les Preludes" rehearsal


  • Camera and/or laptop. The Film & New Media Division uses Adobe Premiere Pro in an Apple computer environment. Though not required, this equipment can be very useful to participate in this program. Interlochen will provide access to students who are unable to bring these items.


  • Small external USB hard drive - 200 GB or larger (required whether you bring a laptop or not).  Click here for an example, but any type will do
  • A lined notebook
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Small sketchbook
  • Grip gloves. These are available for purchase at the Scholarshop, but may also be purchased before arrival at Camp (look for Mechanix or Setwear-type brands; acceptable work gloves can be found at Lowes or Home Depot)
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Small flashlight
  • Wristwatch
  • Headphones

Nearly all items are available for purchase through our Scholarshop.

All Music Majors 

  • Music currently studying, and piano accompaniment for music to be performed.
  • Musical Instruments for Band, Orchestra and private lessons.
  • Instrument accessories (mutes, extra strings, reeds, rosin, valve oil, etc.)
  • Folding music stand (optional -- not required for vocal arists)
  • Metronome 
  • Folder to carry music
  • Luggage cart or bass wheel for instrument transport
  • Headphones: for all students enrolled in Group Piano Class, Composition, Theory Class, and Jazz Piano. Any type of headphones with a 1/4” will be appropropriate. If using a smaller 1/8” jack (small, iPod style), students will need an adaptor. Adaptors are available for sale in the Scholarshop for minimal cost. (Composition Majors: please bring headphones with 1/8” jack.)

Brass Players: Please plan to bring (or purchase at the Scholarshop) the following mutes:

  • Trumpet: straight, cup, plunger (jazz majors), harmon/wah-wah (jazz majors)
  • Horn: straight
  • Trombone: straight, cup, plunger (jazz majors), harmon/wah-wah (jazz majors)
  • Plunger (jazz) Any hardware store plunger with removable handle (toilet for trombone, sink or toilet for trumpet).

Bassists: Lockers are limited for High School bassists. Please bring a bass wheel or cart for transporting your bass.

Cellists: For safe shipment of your cello, it must be secured at the top and bottom within its hard case to prevent movement allowing the bridge to strike the top of the case, possibly breaking the body of the cello. This means that the neck should be secured in place and the end pin should be secured into a socket installed on the bottom of the interior of the case.

Music Composition Majors: Composition students are required to bring a laptop with appropriate composition software (Finale and Sibelius recommended). Computer use is strictly limited to class work.

Guitar Majors: Classical guitar students should bring a classical guitar with nylon strings and wide fingerboard. 

Harp Majors: Harp tuning key and electronic tuner. Harp is provided.

Organ Majors: Organ shoes with leather soles and heels (for those taking organ class or private lessons) Shoes may be purchased through www.organmastershoes.com 

Rock/Pop Majors: 

  • Major instrument 
  • hearing protection (headphone style is ideal, earplugs are also acceptable)
  • electronic device for listening to music
  • Laptop recommended

Singer/Songwriter Majors:
Pianos and drum sets are provided.

  • Staff paper
  • Metronome
  • Computer with composition software - optional
  • Small recording device 
  • Notebook/journal
  • Laptop recommended

Percussionists In Band/Orchestra:

Minimum Required Percussion Equipment

  • Mallets and Sticks
  • Two pair yarn Marimba Mallets (Birch handles). Recommended: Innovative, Soloist Series, IP240
  • One pair Xylophone/Orchestra Bell Mallets (Rattan handles). Recommended: Innovative Percussion, IP905
  • One pair of Concert Snare Drum Sticks. Recommended: Innovative Percussion, CL-1
  • One pair of Snare Drum Sticks. Recommended: Vic Firth SD1
  • One pair of Brushes. Vic Firth Jazz Brushes, wire, WB
  • One pair of Timpani Mallets. Recommended: Grover/John Tafoya TMB
  • Suggested - Three pairs of timpani mallets in soft, medium, hard handles

Optional Percussion Accessories

  • 10” Tambourine with a calf skin head. Recommended: Black Swamp, TC1
  • Chromium25/Phosphor Bronze
  • Tambourine bees Wax. Black Swamp
  • Triangle. Alan Abel Symphonic 6”
  • Triangle Clip. Recommended: Grover PTC
  • Set of Triangle beaters
  • Grover Deluxe Tubular Triangle Beater Set w/ Case (TBTD), Model: GRO-TBTD
  • Practice Pad
  • “A” 440 Tuning Fork
  • Metronome with subdivisions. Recommended: Boss DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome, Model: ROL-DB-90
  • Two Medium-sized Black Towels to cover music stand (stick tray)
  • Stick Case, Stick Bag or Briefcase

Jazz Performance and Improvisation:

  • Laptop recommended

Percussionists In Jazz:

  • 3 pairs of drumsticks
  • brushes
  • timpani mallets
  • vibes mallets
  • practice pad

Vocal Artist Program: Opera Workshop Performance Attire

  • Ladies - Black blouse (Long or short sleeve), back pants or black skirt (knee to 3/4 length), black hose and shoes
  • Men - Black shirt (Long or short sleeve), back pants, black socks and shoes
  • All dress should exhibit modesty and good taste
  • Small recording device 

Wellness Elective Courses (Yoga, Alexander Technique): 

  • Yoga mat
  • Form fitting, comfortable clothing that covers the mid drift and can stay in place when moving and stretching
  • Water bottle
  • Journal and pen

Beginning Composition (elective) 

  • Personal headphones
  • Pencils
  • Block eraser
  • Ruler
  • Staff paper

Music Production And Engineering

  • Students should plan to bring a laptop running GarageBand or other DAW such as ProTools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Digital Performer, or Reaper for their lab sessions and individual work. Studio sessions will be completed in ProTools. Where available students may also use external digital audio interfaces and portable MIDI keyboards.

High School Theatre Design & Production

  • Xacto knife with extra blades (will be kept in the design studio for the duration of camp)
  • Architect’s scale ( Should have ½” ¼’ ⅛” scales, not decimal scales) 
  • A cork-backed metal ruler at least 12” long ( 14 - 18 suggested)
  • Clothing - In addition to the camp uniform, students need to bring loose-fitting work clothing and closed-toed shoes to wear while working in the scene/paint shop. 
  • Clothing - In addition to the camp and shop clothing, students need to bring with them long black pants, a long-sleeved black shirt, black shoes, and black socks for backstage use during performances.
  • 11” X 17” sketchbook 
  • Black, work gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • 6” adjustable C Wrench


High School Musical Theatre Production


  • Women’s black character shoes, 2 1/2 - 3” heels. The soles and heels of these shoes must be rubberized if hard leather soles. (suede-soled ballroom/character shoes are also acceptable) This procedure can be done at most shoe repair stores.
  • Jazz shoes or jazz sneakers for rehearsal
  • Appropriate undergarments for dancing (i.e. sports bra)
  • Rehearsal skirt (full skirt/knee or mid-calf length)
  • 2 sets of false eyelashes – medium length, black


  • Men’s black oxford character shoes. The soles and heels of these shoes must be rubberized if hard leather soles. (suede-soled ballroom/character shoes are also acceptable) This can be done at most shoe repair stores.
  • Jazz shoes or jazz sneakers for rehearsal
  • Dance belt (nude or black)
  • Rehearsal coat or vest (most will wear a coat at some time during the show and this is something to get them in character - the old one is fine.)

Non-Binary Students

  • Please choose from the lists above the items that best fit your gender expression. 

All Students:

  • For your hygienic safety, you must supply your own makeup kit – creme not cake. Please bring the commercial brand: Ben Nye Theatrical Makeup Kit.
  • A small recorder to bring to rehearsals (you may use your iPhone for this purpose only)
  • Backpack, mechanical pencils, erasers, blank notebook or journal, binder or book sleeve to protect your script.
  • Water bottle with a lid and built in straw. Please put your name somewhere on the outside.
  • It is recommended that you bring both jazz shoes or jazz sneakers, and a pair of character shoes if you have them.
  • Modest dance clothes or workout wear, (No cut up or torn items, no midriff tops) These should be appropriate for rehearsals. Bring more than one set. You will wear them every day.
  • Knee pads

For Voice Lessons:

Bring sheet music/vocal music books for voice lessons. Please bring music that is not from the production, which will be announced in the Spring. It can be music you are already using with your hometown voice teacher or new music. Your music should have piano accompaniment on the page and be in a three-ringed binder (front to back). Make sure that your piano music is NOT cut off on the bottom of the pages. A recording device to record your lessons, pencil, and paper for notes are ALL needed. It is also wise to have access to digital copies of any music you are working on for class to share with the accompanist. 

Information on selecting audition material and what to prepare for camp will be available at the closed group Facebook page: Interlochen Musical Theatre Production 2021. We will add you when you send a request to join. It is highly recommended that you visit the site to get the most out of your experience.

High School Repertory Theatre Production

Students in this program should plan to bring the following items:

  • Black character shoes (hard-soled oxfords for male-identifying students, medium heel for female-identifying students)
  • Pencils and writing utensils
  • Water Bottle
  • Comfortable rehearsal clothes allowing for movement and appropriate for camp

High School Musical Theatre - 3 Weeks


  • Tan flat dance shoes
  • Black leotard, black dance trunks, black dance pants
  • Black mid-calf dance circle skirt (click here for an example)
  • Appropriate undergarments for dancing (i.e. sports bra)
  • Tan character shoes, 2” heel (T-strap or regular)
  • Tap shoes (replace the shoelaces with elastic for quick changes). if you tap.
  • Flesh-colored tights (at least 2 pair for performance)
  • Street makeup, tools, and products to style your hair for the stage.


  • Black character shoes with rubberized soles (replace the shoelaces with elastic for quick changes)
  • Black pants fitted at the waist and crotch and/or black dance pants
  • Dance Belts (black or beige) and compression shorts (enough to be worn daily and that fit at waist and crotch)
  • Tap shoes (replace the shoelaces with elastic for quick changes) if you tap
  • A white AND a black button-down shirt
  • Tools and products to style your hair for a stage.

Non-Binary Students

  • Please choose from the lists above the items that best fit your gender expression.

 All Students:

  • Solid brightly colored t-shirt (any style, but no printing, accents, etc.)
  • A small recorder to bring to rehearsals. An iTouch or/smartphone may be used for this purpose only.
  • Music for theatre songs (sheet music) you are working on or would like to work on
  • Your two audition songs copied and in a binder for auditions.
  • Your monologue for auditions
  • Modest dance clothes or workout wear, (No cut up or torn items, no midriff tops) These should be appropriate for rehearsals. Bring more than one set. You will wear them every day.
  • It is recommended that you bring both jazz shoes or jazz sneakers, and a pair of character shoes if you have them.
  • Knee pads
  • Backpack, pencils, notebook, and 3-ring binder
  • Yoga or Pilates mat (optional)

High School Acting - 3 Weeks

  • Notebook
  • Writing utensils
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable clothes you can move in

The visual arts studios are workspaces filled with a variety of equipment and materials, which require that all students attending classes wear proper footwear. Shoes should provide some protection to the foot with a sturdy sole and cover the foot up to the base of the ankle. Acceptable: sneakers, boots, etc. Not acceptable: slippers, flats, flip-flops, sandals, and clogs.

All Visual Arts Classes

  • Sketchbook (required):  Students must bring a sketchbook and basic pencils and/or pens. We recommend a hard-covered sketchbook at least 8”x10” or larger. Non-majors taking art classes may want to provide their own sketchbooks for out-of-class work.
  • Digital camera (optional): We recommend that all students bring a digital camera to document their artwork and for reference images. We recommend a DSLR camera, such as the NIKON 3300 or Canon IOS Rebel, but a basic point-and-shoot camera would be sufficient as well.   
  • Smocks/aprons (optional): Although not a requirement, students may want to bring a smock, apron, or over-shirt in order to protect their uniforms from paint, ink, etc. 
  • Locks: Lockers are available for High School visual arts majors. Students must provide their own locks.

Photography Classes

  • 35 mm rangefinder or single-lens reflex film camera with standard 50 mm lens (required): The camera MUST have an adjustable aperture and shutter speeds for full manual control of exposure. A Nikon, Canon, or Vivitar SLR is acceptable. Cameras with automatic exposure systems are acceptable as long as they have full manual override capabilities.
  • Batteries: Bring extra batteries for your camera type.
  • Mac laptop (optional): High School students taking a digital arts or photography class may bring a laptop, but it is not required. In order to use the computer in class, it must have a recent version of Adobe Photoshop installed. iMac desktops are available for use in class.

Digital Arts Classes

  • Flash drive or cloud storage, 16 GB or larger (required): This is needed for storage and transfer of artwork and projects. There are iMac desktops available in the Visual Arts building.
  • Tablet (optional): Wacom Bambo tablets are available, but students are welcome to bring their own tablet if they prefer. Tablets can be stored securely in the Digital Lab.
  • Mac laptop (optional): High School students taking a digital arts or photography class may bring a laptop, but it is not required. In order to use the computer in class, it must have a recent version of Adobe Photoshop installed. iMac desktops are available for use in class


  • Protective clothing: For welding, it is recommended that students wear work boots, long pants (preferably jeans), and a cotton shirt with long sleeves. Students will wear their uniforms to class and change into these protective clothes (or wear them over their uniforms) while working with the welding equipment. Proper footwear is essential in the sculpture class.


  • Sewing basket or tool kit: Fashion tool kits are available to check out during the program, but we highly recommend that students purchase the following tools for dependability, familiarity, and continued use: 
    • Sketchbook and drawing tools
    • Scissors 
    • Seam ripper
    • Straight pins and pin cushion
  • Muslin and basic colors of cotton fabric is provided for the students. Our fabric selection is often stocked via donation, meaning fabric and material we have available varies year to year. If you have ambitious or particular ideas, we recommend that you bring a range of specialty fabrics to use in projects. There are some fabrics that can be tricky for new sewers such as super stretchy, sheer, and delicate fabrics, velvets, and slippery fabrics. When purchasing your fabric, you may want to consider these approximations:
    • Shorts/skirts: 2-2.5 yards
    • Pants:  3-3.5 yards
    • Shirts/blouses: 2 yards
    • Short dress with short sleeves: 4-4.5 yards
    • Short dress with long sleeves: 5-5.5 yards
    • Long dress/formal dress: 6.5-7.5 yards
    • Students are also invited to bring any clothing/linen items that they may wish to remake or upcycle; old bed linens and curtains are great for this.  
  • Mac laptop or iPad (optional): High School students may bring a laptop or iPad, but it is not required. Students will use this for research and reference image collection. We recommend having the recent version of Adobe Photoshop. There is an iMac desktop available in the fashion studio for use in class.

Luggage Tags and Shipping Ahead

Print, cut into separate tags and securely fasten to each bag you are either shipping or bringing to camp. Items may be shipped ahead using these specific luggage tags.


The cabin is “home” for students at Interlochen. Students form friendships at Interlochen with cabin mates, and the staff do their best to ensure that students work together to foster a comfortable, clean, and congenial living environment. Cabins are inspected every morning and each student is responsible for an assigned job during cabin clean-up. 

Although the cabins differ slightly from one another, each contain similar furnishings and bath fixtures. Cabins are rustic, wooden, and unheated. Students have a bunk bed (safety rails are available upon request by student and/or family member), a locker or closet (about 8" wide) to share, two shelves (20” wide) and a place to hang towels. Storage space is very limited so bring only clothing and other items that are absolutely necessary. Lofts in cabins provide storage space for trunks and suitcases. Musicians store instruments in the cabins; High School music majors may rent a locker on main campus for a fee on a first come, first served basis. Students interested in renting a locker need to visit Instrument Services upon arrival. No advance reservations are accepted.

Illustration of a typical summer cabin

Contact Interlochen Scholarshop
Contact Camp Questions

Shipping Ahead

Items may be shipped ahead using these specific luggage tags.

Note that you can find your housing assignment in the Education Community.