How to Join Us

Hooray! We're excited you want to join our team. To help you put your best foot forward, we've put together tips for navigating the application and interview process.

A group of summer staff members in uniform

Our Hiring Process

The hiring process begins when you submit an application to our online portal. A member of our Talent Acquisition team will then review your materials. If we feel you are a good match for the position, we will invite you to participate in a phone, virtual, or in-person interview.

This is your opportunity to be part of something meaningful. A chance to be part of a vibrant and supportive community. A way to invest in the next generation—and in yourself.

Career Opportunities

Liz Crouch

Working at Interlochen has helped me cement my belief that passion and community can help everyone become the very best versions of themselves. There is a tangible energy here that fills your soul and keeps me running back to Camp more than a decade after I first set foot in the Land of the Stately Pines. Interlochen will always hold a part of my heart.

Liz Crouch, director, High School Lakeside

Emily Umbarger

Interlochen is an incredible place to work. The students are wildly talented, and helping support them through their high school journey has been a dream come true. Professionally, Interlochen has supported every request I've ever had for professional development and provided me with unlimited leadership opportunities to push myself as a leader and to create new magic in Interlochen's tapestry. I feel so blessed to be a member of this community!

Emily Umbarger, Sustainability Manager

Nicklaus White

Working at Interlochen Arts Camp has truly been a perspective-changing experience. I always look forward to coming back and working with these amazing students. What’s even better are the amazing relationships that you build with other staff members. Working at Interlochen has been a great way to make new friends, network, and find people who share similar experiences.

Nicklaus White, Arts Camp counselor

Interview Tips

1. Learn about us—who we are, who we serve, what we do, and what matters to us. This will help you understand what we're looking for and decide if Interlochen is the right fit for your passions and goals. Learn more about life at Interlochen.

2. Review the job posting in detail to understand what we are seeking. As you read through the description, think about how your past work experiences apply to this role.

3. Practice behavioral-based interviewing. We use a technique called behavioral-based interviewing which is rooted in the idea that past behavior will predict future behavior. During the interview, we will ask open-ended questions such as “Give me an example of” or “Describe a situation when.” Our interviewers will assess your responses based on your ability to provide:

  • Relevant experience that answers the question
  • Information that details the specific actions you took 
  • Descriptions of the outcomes of your actions

4. Practice your responses. Behavioral-based interviewing is not the way most of us typically respond to questions. Our instinct is to share what we will do instead of what we have done. Consider jotting down a few examples, with details including:

  • The specific incident that occurred
  • The actions you took
  • The results of your actions

5. Come prepared with questions for us. It is important to us to know what matters to you when selecting an employer. We understand that employees have a lot of choices, and we work hard to make Interlochen a place where people want to work. Our goal is to engage with you in open, transparent, and authentic dialogue throughout the Talent Acquisition process.

What We Look For

When we select a candidate, we're not just checking boxes on a job description: we're choosing an integral member of our community. While what's on paper is important, we're also looking for someone who:

Embodies our values. Our values inform everything we do at Interlochen. We're looking for employees who are deeply committed to upholding and modeling what we believe.

Meets the criteria of the job description. We want to make sure that we find the right fit—for our team, and for you. Throughout the hiring process, we'll evaluate your skills and experience to ensure you're qualified for the position.

Can articulate how their experience aligns with our needs. Behavioral-based interviewing doesn't come naturally. But it's an important part of our hiring process. We're looking for someone who is able to share specific, real-world examples of their skills and describe how those abilities will benefit our institution.

Is a team player. Just like an orchestra, Interlochen thrives when everyone plays their part and listens to those around them. We're not looking for a virtuoso soloist: we're looking for someone who is excited to collaborate as a member of the ensemble.

Provides excellent customer service. We want everyone—from junior camper to IPR listener—to have incredible experiences at Interlochen. Every member of our team plays an important role in making sure every moment on our campus is memorable.

Is passionate about what we do. For our faculty and staff, Interlochen is more than a workplace: it's a calling. We're looking for employees who believe in our mission and are passionate about promoting world friendship through the universal language of the arts.