Intensives Packing List

Below you'll find the button to the complete packing list for Intensive students, along with helpful information about the cabins and shipping your belongings ahead of Camp using our luggage tags.

Due to the short duration of the program, Intensive students do not wear the traditional Interlochen uniform. Casual shorts, pants, and T-shirts are typical.

The Intensive Packing List provides a checklist for all needed items, including arts area supplies and other essentials. Get packed for Arts Camp today!

Intensive Packing List

Illustration of a typical summer cabin

The cabin is “home” for campers at Interlochen. Students form friendships at Interlochen with cabin mates, and the staff do their best to ensure that students work together to foster a comfortable, clean, and congenial living environment. Cabins are inspected every morning and each student is responsible for an assigned job during cabin clean-up. 

Although the cabins differ slightly from one another, each contains similar furnishings and bath fixtures. Cabins are rustic, wooden and unheated. Campers have a bunk bed (safety rails are available upon request by student and/or family member), a locker or closet (about 9" wide) to share, two shelves (2' wide) and a place to hang towels. Storage space is very limited so bring only clothing and other items that are absolutely necessary. Lofts in cabins provide storage space for trunks and suitcases. Musicians store instruments in the cabins. Students interested in renting a locker need to visit Instrument Services upon arrival. No advance reservations are accepted.  

Specific luggage tags should be printed and fastened to each bag you are bringing or shipping to Camp.

Note that you can find your housing assignment in the Education Community.