Intensives Packing List

Due to the short duration of the program, Intensive students do not wear the traditional Interlochen uniform. Casual shorts, pants, and T-shirts are typical.

Please be sure to review both the All Student packing list, as well as the Arts Areas Supplies list for your major. You'll find both packing list below.

Clothing and Supplies


  • Clothing (all clothing must provide appropriate coverage)
    • Shorts (enough for one week; must be at least fingertip length)
    • T-shirts (enough for one week)
    • One to two sweatshirts, any color
    • One to two pairs of jeans or pants
    • Underwear and socks
    • One to two pairs of pajamas (one heavy or flannel)
    • One raincoat, poncho, or lightweight jacket (any color) 
    • One pair sandals or flip-flops
    • One pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes (tennis, clogs, street shoes, etc.)
    • One white item to tie dye (bandana, T-shirt, pillow case, sheet, boxers, socks)
  • Basic bedding
    • One set of inexpensive sheets for a regular twin-size bed (not extra-long)
    • One regular twin-sized mattress pad 
    • Two warm blankets (not electric) or sleeping bag 
    • One pillow and pillow case 
  • Three to four washcloths
  • Two to three bath towels
  • 5 masks suitable or 2 disposable masks per day, 1 black mask for all performers - must follow CDC Masking Guidelines
  • 1oz or 2oz hand sanitizer bottles, clip-on variety to attach to lanyard, 2-3 bottles per week of attendance
  • Spare prescription glasses and/or contacts (strongly recommended)
  • Padlock for cabin lockers (lockable lockers are not available in all cabins)
  • Toiletries and small tote for toiletries
  • Plastic water bottle (required for all students; we suggest 20 oz or larger)
  • Flashlight and/or book light and extra batteries 
  • Luggage cart for medium and large instruments 
  • Inexpensive watch 
  • Umbrella 
  • Backpack or tote bag to carry to classes (required)
  • Small bag to store overnight essentials (if attending the changeover field trip)
  • Bathing suit (optional: while the Intensives schedule does not allow for general waterfront use, Intensive students may have the option to participate in an early-morning “Polar Bear Swim” once during the session)

Cell Phones, Computers, and Personal Devices

Intensive students are permitted to keep cell phones in their possession, but are expected to adhere to established parameters for cell phone use that will be explained to them by faculty and camp division staff. Cell phone use is not permitted during performances, in cabins, the dining hall, or other venues identified by faculty and staff. Storage and charging options are extremely limited.

Cell phone policies are strictly enforced. Students who abuse the cell phone policy may have their cell phone use limited or denied.

Interlochen is not responsible for lost or damaged phones that are brought to camp. 

Laptops are not permitted unless required for your artistic program.

Packing for Airline Travel

If you are flying to Interlochen, place the following items in your carry-on luggage:

  • One to two pairs of underwear
  • Extra outfit
  • Contact lenses/solution/glasses 
  • Toothbrush
  • Anything you can’t live without while your luggage finds its way to you

Labels for Clothing and Equipment

It is important that all articles of clothing and other belongings have a name clearly marked for quick and easy identification. Please mark other personal items with a permanent laundry marker and on the inside of all clothing. Experience has proven that iron-on labels do not withstand several weeks at Interlochen. Paste an inventory list of clothing and equipment inside your footlocker or suitcase to facilitate packing at the close of the Camp session. Pack in duffel bags, suitcases, or footlockers, as storage space is limited. All bags will be stored in the cabin rafters and are not used during your time at Interlochen.

Arts Area Supplies

You will receive a program letter from your arts area with a list of supplies. The list of supplies in the program letter is the most accurate, up-to-date list. Here is a general list of items that are likely to be included in the program letter supplies.

Laptop computers are required for students enrolled in Novel Writing and Performance Writing & Spoken Word programs and recommended for Screenwriting students. Performance Writing & Spoken Word students are encouraged to bring a pair of drumsticks if you have them. No need to purchase them special.

No clothing other than the dance attire listed below will be permitted in class. All dancers are expected to be well groomed. Long hair must be worn up and off the neck. Many items are available online at the Scholarshop.

Ballet and Modern Intensives (Female-Identifying)

  • Five leotards (any sleeve type or color)
  • Five pairs of pink tights (ballet students) or black tights (able to make footless; modern students)
  • One pair of pink ballet shoes
  • One to two pairs of pointe shoes (ballet majors only)
  • Skirts (may be worn for variations only)
  • One long-sleeved, tight-fitting black shirt for floor work (modern only)
  • Water bottle
  • Hair needs for bun
  • Foot care needs
  • Journal and pen
  • Yoga mat

Ballet and Modern Intensives (Male-Identifying)

  • Five white, short-sleeved fitted T-shirts
  • Three to four dance belts
  • Five pairs of black footless tights (men’s thickness)
  • One pair of white ballet shoes
  • Three pairs of ankle-length white socks 
  • One long-sleeved, tight-fitting black shirt for floor work (modern only)
  • Water bottle
  • Foot care needs
  • Journal and pen
  • Yoga mat

Hip-Hop Intensive (All genders)

  • One pair of hip-hop shoes (regular sneakers or dance sneakers; indoor use only)
  • Five sets of tops (tank or short-sleeve) and bottoms appropriate for hip-hop dance 
  • Water bottle
  • Foot care needs
  • Journal and pen
  • Yoga mat

Film & New Media Intensive - Screenwriting

  • Laptop (optional) - Not required, but can be very useful to participants. Interlochen will provide computer access to students who are unable to bring their own.
  • Small flash drive (required whether you bring a laptop or not) - 5 GB should be large enough. Click here for an example; any type will do.
  • Small sketchbook and pens/pencils
  • Headphones

Nearly all items are available for purchase through our Scholarshop.

All Music Intensives

  • Black shirt and black pants/skirt suitable for performance
  • Music you're currently studying, and piano accompaniment for music to be performed
  • Musical instruments for major area of study
  • Instrument accessories (mutes, extra strings, reeds, rosin, valve oil, etc.)
  • Metronome 
  • Folder to carry music
  • Luggage cart or bass wheel for instrument transportation

Bassoon and Oboe Intensives

Students should bring whatever reed-making tools they have, as reed-making will be a part of our program. Remember to pack all knives and sharp objects in checked luggage if you are flying.

Percussion Intensives

  • Two yarn marimba mallets
  • One pair of xylophone/orchestra bell mallets
  • One pair of concert snare drumsticks
  • One pair of brushes
  • One pair of timpani mallets
  • Practice pad
  • "A" 440 tuning fork

If additional items are required, you will be notified by email. It will also be posted online within the Education Community. Many items are available online at the Scholarshop.

Musical Theatre Audition Intensive 

  • At least two audition songs and sheet music, in the correct key
  • At least two monologues, printed out (with play and playwright)
  • Alternate songs
  • Alternate monologues
  • A three-ring binder for your music
  • Resume
  • Jazz shoes
  • Enough dance/workout gear for daily dance classes
  • A small, portable personal recording device
  • A notebook or journal and pencils or pens

Musical Theatre Techniques


  • Tan flat dance shoes
  • Black leotard, black dance trunks, and black dance pants
  • Tan character shoes, 2” heel (T-strap or regular)
  • Flesh-colored tights


  • Black character shoes with rubberized soles (replace the shoe laces with elastic for quick changes)
  • Black pants fitted at the waist and crotch and/or black dance pants
  • Rehearsal clothing (enough to be worn daily. Pants should be fitted at the waist and crotch)
  • Dance belt and/or compression shorts (enough to be worn daily; fitted at waist and crotch)

All Students:

  • One solid, brightly colored T-shirt (any style, but no printing, accents, etc.)
  • A small recorder to bring to rehearsals
  • Music for theatre songs (sheet music) you are working on or would like to work on—your repertoire book
  • Your two audition songs, copied and in a binder for auditions
  • Your monologue for auditions
  • Backpack, pencils, highlighters, notebook, and a three-ring binder
  • Yoga or Pilates mat
  • Resume
  • Jazz shoes
  • Enough dance/workout gear for daily dance classes

Costume Design Intensive

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Assorted watercolor brushes
  • Sketching pencils
  • Small pencil sharpener
  • Art eraser
  • 11” X 17" sketchbook
  • Portfolio:  Bring digital images of any artwork created in the last year or two. This will allow the instructors to more quickly understand their strengths. 

The visual arts studios are workspaces filled with a variety of equipment and materials, which require that all students attending classes wear proper footwear. Shoes should provide some protection to the foot with a sturdy sole and cover the foot up to the base of the ankle. Acceptable: sneakers, boots, etc. Not acceptable: slippers, flats, flip-flops, sandals, and clogs.

  • Sketchbook (required):  Students must bring a sketchbook and basic pencils and/or pens. We recommend a hard-covered sketchbook at least 8”x10” or larger.
  • Art box:  Basic paints, charcoal, etc. are provided to each student. Because there are some self-guided and open-ended assignments, especially in the Portfolio Intensive, we recommend that students bring their own art box with their favorite materials. 
  • Portfolio:  Bring digital images of any artwork created in the last year or two. This will allow the instructors to more quickly understand your strengths. 
  • Digital camera (optional): We recommend that all students bring a digital camera to document their artwork and for reference images. We recommend a DSLR camera, such as the NIKON 3300 or Canon IOS Rebel, but a basic point-and-shoot camera would be sufficient as well.   
  • Smocks/aprons (optional): Although not a requirement, students may want to bring a smock, apron, or over-shirt in order to protect their clothing from paint, ink, etc. 
  • Padlock: Lockers will be available for students to use. Locks are not provided.

Students are encouraged to bring any art materials they are most comfortable using.

Luggage Tags

Specific luggage tags should be printed and fastened to each bag you are bringing or shipping to Camp.

Download Luggage Tags


The cabin is “home” for students at Interlochen. Students form friendships at Interlochen with cabin mates, and the staff do their best to ensure that students work together to foster a comfortable, clean, and congenial living environment. Cabins are inspected every morning, and each student is responsible for an assigned job during cabin clean-up.

Although the cabins differ slightly from one another, each contains similar furnishings and bath fixtures. Cabins are rustic, wooden, and unheated. Students have a bunk bed (safety rails are available upon request by student and/or family member), a locker or closet (about 9" wide) to share, two shelves (2' wide) and a place to hang towels. Storage space is very limited, so bring only clothing and other items that are absolutely necessary. Lofts in cabins provide storage space for trunks and suitcases. Musicians will store their instruments in their cabins. Students interested in renting a locker need to visit Instrument Services upon arrival. No advance reservations are accepted.

Illustration of a typical summer cabin

Shipping Ahead

Items may be shipped ahead using these specific luggage tags.

Note that you can find your housing assignment in the Education Community.