The Interlochen 5

Resolve Interlochen Arts Academy

Empowering the next generation of creative changemakers

The Interlochen 5 are the defining and reinforcing characteristics of an Academy education. Across artistic, academic, and residential learning, students cultivate core capacities, which become foundational to their mindset, motivation, and method: mindfulness, wellness, and resilience; creative capacity; interdisciplinary perspective and collaboration; global and cultural perspective; and community and citizen artistry.

The Interlochen 5: Five Key Capacities

Mindfulness, Wellness, and Resilience

Artists require a balance of focus and freedom. The ability to “center,” “flow,” or be “in the zone” enhances creative performance. The life of an artist is also challenging and frequently on public display, requiring high levels of tenacity and resilience. Developing this capacity is of lifelong value and enhances all of the other capacities of The Interlochen 5.

Creative Capacity

In a world of rapid automation and artificial intelligence, creative capacity is increasingly critical across all professions. Academy students master the underlying principles of creativity and design thinking and learn to apply this mindset to all aspects of their lives.

Interdisciplinary Perspective and Collaboration

Effective, daily collaboration in the classroom and across seven arts majors draws the best from each individual to achieve something no one person can accomplish on their own. Drawing connections across artistic disciplines and other fields of discovery become the basis for breakthrough ideas.

Global and Cultural Perspective

Global art and global issues are central to the Academy experience. On our diverse and international campus, students develop a deeper and more direct understanding of different cultures and experiences, developing the character and empathy to thrive in an interconnected world.

Community and Citizen Artistry

Community is at the heart of Interlochen Arts Academy. Citizen artistry extends this concept as students develop, present, and teach art in service to others. We ask our students to take an active role in building a healthy community here, laying the foundation for a lifetime of rewarding and purposeful engagement.

An Integrated Approach

In our classrooms, studios and stages, and shared spaces, The Interlochen 5 come alive. These concepts are reinforced through all-school community meetings, small-group advisory sessions, residence life programming, and community service assignments. The Interlochen 5 promote positive behavior and participation, and support our students’ physical, mental, social, and creative well-being.

Through Interlochen Arts Academy and The Interlochen 5, we seek to unlock the potential and unleash the capacity of the next generation of creative changemakers to lead inspired lives with enduring confidence.