Academy Academics

Interweaving What Challenges and Inspires Us

At Interlochen Arts Academy, we believe that academics are as much a source of inspiration as are our artistic programs. Both require curiosity, enthusiasm, and excellence. 

Here, students at our Michigan boarding school explore the meaningful connections among math, science, history, languages, and literature, as well as the connections between arts and academics. Our academic faculty know that our students' creativity is a strength, which is why their approach to learning is interdisciplinary in nature and interactive in practice. 

Get ready to be challenged. Get ready to be inspired. 

Two students perform opera at interlochen arts academy

My teachers are pushing me to read more, dig deeper into myself, and learn how to be a well-rounded human being.

Sarah, Music

Liberal Arts at Interlochen

Math and Science at Interlochen

Student Schedules

You will work with your Academic and College Counselor to create an individualized student plan. To give you an idea, here is what a typical academic path looks like:

English I

World History

Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II

Spanish or French

2-4 required arts courses and electives

English II


Geometry, Algebra II, or Precalculus

Spanish or French

2-4 required arts courses and electives

English III

U.S. History

Chemistry or Physics

Algebra II, Precalculus, or Advanced Math

2-4 required arts courses and electives

English electives (2)

Science electives (2)

Advanced Math, Precalculus, AP Calculus, or Statistics

3-5 required arts courses and electives

Postgraduates are required to take at least one academic subject and 3-5 arts courses and electives each semester.

Your Academic and College Counselor will help you regarding graduation and college entrance requirements. All students need at least 22 credits to graduate from Interlochen Arts Academy. (For transfer students, credits from other high schools count towards this total.) Classes are worth 0.5 credit per semester unless otherwise indicated. At least 10 of the 22 credits must be academic courses that include the specific requirements outlined below. The rest of your coursework will come from a variety of electives meant to fulfill arts major requirements and meet college entrance requirements.

(Credit) Subject Area

  • (1.0) 2 semesters of English I (grade 9 equivalent)
  • (1.0) 2 semesters of English II (grade 10 equivalent)
  • (1.0) 2 semesters of English III (grade 11 equivalent)
  • (1.0) 2 semesters of English electives successfully completed during grade 12
  • (2.0) 4 semesters of Social Science (2 semesters must be completed in grades 11 or 12)
  • (2.0) 4 semesters of Mathematics
  • (1.0) 2 semesters of Science

College/Conservatory Expectations/(Credit) Subject Area

Most colleges recommend students take at least 16 academic credits in high school, including:

  • (4.0) 8 semesters in English
  • (3.0-4.0) 6-8 semesters in Math
  • (3.0-4.0) 6-8 semesters in Science
  • (3.0-4.0) 6-8 semesters in Social Science
  • (2.0 minimum) 4 semesters in the same Foreign Language

Thanks to our partnership with Indiana University’s Advance College Project, you can earn college credit on Interlochen's campus while taking select academic courses. These credits are transferable to many colleges or universities. When you enroll in IU courses in English, History, and Science through ACP at the Academy, you receive both high school and college credit. Courses are taught by Interlochen faculty members on campus so there is no need to travel to IU or use an online platform.

In addition to earning college credit directly through Indiana University's Advance College Project, you may choose to take Advanced Placement courses in Calculus and Statistics. All AP courses require testing for entry. We also offer all AP exams on campus.

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