Leadership Team

Our leadership team serves as stewards of the Interlochen vision, ensuring the institution’s preeminence in arts education and youth development, while connecting the world through creativity.  Together, our leaders bring decades of experience to ensure the excellence and accessibility of our programs, the strength of our community, and the promise of our future.

Our President

Trey Devey


Our President serves as the chief executive officer, responsible for advancing Interlochen’s mission and safeguarding institutional resources through all operational strategies.

Office of the President

Our Executive Management Team

John Bogley

John Bogley

Vice President of Philanthropy & Engagement

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Pat Kessel

Pat Kessel

Vice President
Finance & Operations

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Katharine Laidlaw

Katharine Laidlaw

Vice President
Strategic Communications & Engagement

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Our Senior Management Team

Tifini McClyde

Tifini McClyde-Blythe

Associate Vice President
Human Resources

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Katie Luellen

Katherine Luellen

Executive Dean
Enrollment Management

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Peter Payette

Peter Payette

Executive Director
Interlochen Public Radio

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