Trey Devey

President, Interlochen Center for the Arts  

Trey Devey became the eighth president of Interlochen Center for the Arts on June 12, 2017, with a charge of advancing the institution as a global leader in arts education and elevating Interlochen's status as a high impact, financially sustainable non-profit.

To that end, he has since overseen the successful completion of Create Amazing, the Campaign for Interlochen - Interlochen's largest and most far reaching fundraising effort to date, culminating in over $134 million raised, far surpassing the original $100 million goal. This campaign, completed on November 1, 2018, secures the future of Interlochen and allows for its programs to expand, grow, and prosper for decades to come.

Additionally, Devey's renewed focus on Interlochen's core mission of educating and preparing the world's best young artists for lives and careers within the art world has generated an unprecedented increase in available scholarship funds. For Camp Season 2018, Interlochen awarded $2.53 million in scholarships to 32% of students who attended, a level of support unprecedented in the Camp's 90 year history. 73% of the students attending the 2018/19 Arts Academy were awarded scholarships totaling $12.7 million, the most ever awarded for an Academy year. These numbers illustrate Devey's commitment to ensuring that deserving young artists have access to an Interlochen education, regardless of financial circumstances, and they continue to rise.

Devey's tenure at Interlochen reinforces a reputation of excellence in arts leadership, the foundation of which was built through his time leading the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra from severe deficits to lauded success.

In 2017, Devey would have been on the shortlist to lead any national or international orchestra. He was serving his ninth year as President of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO), Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, and Cincinnati May Festival, where he had engineered an unprecedented financial turnaround, proving himself to be an exceptionally agile arts leader and skilled fundraiser.

The CSO was in a negative cash flow position in early 2009 when Devey began his tenure. But by establishing a culture of collaboration and a real feeling of ownership across the entire CSO family, that position quickly, and spectacularly, reversed.

At that time, reserves had plummeted from $92.7 million to $56.2 million. The Orchestra's structural deficit reached $6.5 million, and the 2007-08 season ended with a $3.8 million operating deficit. His first day on the job found him across the negotiating table from the CSO musician leadership and officers where he brokered a concessionary contract that included an 11% wage reduction for the musicians union (an operating savings of $1.8 million).

That spirit of collaboration, established day one, inspired energetic philanthropy and renewed community engagement. Attendance increased, as did giving, most significantly with the announcement in 2009 of an $85 million fund established by Louise Dieterle Nippert to support the orchestra. Devey oversaw nine successive years of balanced budgets and an endowment campaign launched in 2014 that surpassed its $20 million dollar goal by $6 million.

He also advanced the orchestra's role as a pioneer of new performance strategies and diversity, spearheading its wildly popular and innovative LUMENOCITY concerts, beginning a groundbreaking collaboration with the MusicNOW Festival, and commissioning and presenting 31 world premieres. Under Devey's leadership, the CSO also earned nine prestigious community honors for its innovative programming, commitment to diversity, service to community, and organizational strength. In a 2015 article, the New York Times observed "the orchestra world is all too familiar with vicious cycles of mounting deficits, dwindling audiences, difficulty raising money, and cuts. But at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, things are moving happily in the opposite direction: think crescendo, not diminuendo."

Devey brought a wealth of experience from across the arts world spectrum with him to the CSO, putting every ounce of that experience to work in creating the success anomaly that the CSO was under his tenure. A former consultant with The Boston Consulting Group and past president of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, Alabama Symphony Orchestra and Florida Philharmonic, Devey was no stranger to the orchestral world. He also worked in development for the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra and Fort Worth Symphony and in production at the Lake Forest Symphony Orchestra. As a League of American Orchestras Management Fellow, he completed assignments at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Fort Worth Symphony and American Composers Orchestra.

Devey has always been an enthusiast of all art forms, having created collaborations between the CSO and other artists and organizations. In fact, the CSO is the resident orchestra of the Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Opera, and May Festival. The Orchestra's other collaborations span visual arts, theatre, motion picture arts, and creative writing through projects such as the aforementioned LUMENOCITY and MusicNow Festival, as well as The Pelléas Trilogy. The CSO undertook dozens of electronic media projects during Devey's tenure and expanded its partnership with WGUC, Cincinnati's classical music public radio station.

The announcement of Devey's departure from CSO in spring 2017 to join Interlochen Center for the Arts was met with surprise and sadness from the Cincinnati arts community and indeed the professional music world. But clearly Devey was answering a calling. "There was only one organization that could pull me away from the CSO and that was Interlochen. I feel a deep responsibility at this point in my career to nurture the next generation of artists, citizens, and leaders," said Devey.

Devey's commitment to community, innovation and diversity continues at Interlochen, where such values are at the core of its mission. Under Devey, Interlochen has partnered with community arts organizations, such as the Miami Music Project, the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles, and the Riverdale Children's Theatre, to provide scholarships and opportunities - in partnership with a few generous donors - to Interlochen Arts Camp and Arts Academy. These partnerships continue to flourish and take shape, inspiring other organizations and donors to explore options with Interlochen.

Devey holds an M.B.A. from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where he achieved their highest honor as a Palmer Scholar, graduating in the top five percent of his class. He graduated summa cum laude from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Music and was given the Outstanding Alumni Award in 2003.