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Mission, Core Values, and Purpose

Kresge Mission Statement


Interlochen Center for the Arts engages and inspires people worldwide through excellence in educational, artistic, and cultural programs, enhancing the quality of life through the universal language of the arts. (Adopted July 23, 2005)

Our mission statement makes reference to a phrase that appears on the back of the Kresge Auditorium stage and is familiar to thousands of Interlochen students, faculty, staff, and volunteers:

Dedicated To The Promotion Of World Friendship Through The Universal Language Of The Arts 


Core Purpose

To ignite lifelong passion for the arts. (Adopted July 24, 2010)


Core Values

Just An Idea...

Derived from the article in which Dr. Joseph Maddy first proposed the National Music Camp, Just An Idea… celebrates Interlochen’s history of generating and realizing groundbreaking ideas in the arts, education, and leadership.

Driven by Maddy’s vision, Interlochen preserves our traditions while pioneering new artistic innovations—from the nation’s first boarding arts high school to an NPR charter station. We provide a supportive space for artistic risk-taking, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and act with confidence.

Drawn Here

Interlochen draws together an engaged collective of students, faculty, staff, alumni, volunteers, patrons, and supporters—all dedicated to advancing, teaching, and sharing the arts.

Propelled by their passion, our community collectively elevates the world of the arts, leaving a positive and lasting mark that enriches lives and inspires generations to come.

The Artist's Journey

Interlochen exists to support artists at every step of their journey from potential to mastery.

We meet each individual where they are, nurturing their spirit and refining their talents to illuminate the path to excellence. We believe that exceptional process—grounded in creativity, discipline, and dedication—leads to exceptional performance both within and beyond the arts.

Solo e Tutti

Inspired by musical terms translating to “alone” and “everyone,” Solo e Tutti encapsulates our emphasis on both individuality and collaboration.

As we pursue our own personal and artistic growth, we gain skills and perspectives that empower us to contribute more meaningfully as collaborators, colleagues, and citizens. The universal language of the arts unites our diverse community, promoting intercultural friendships, encouraging empathetic dialogue, and fostering our development as creative changemakers.

(Adopted Jan. 10, 2024)