Acting Audition Requirements

Acting Requirements

  1. Videos #1 and #2: Two memorized monologues from two different published plays
  2. Video #3: One 16-bar (one-minute portion) of a song from standard musical theatre repertoire
  3. PDF file # 1: A standard headshot or photo
  4. Video Introduction: Tell us about who you are as an artist. Record a short (2-5 minutes) video introduction, including information about your artistic journey, such as the kinds of classes or lessons you have taken, your artistic accomplishments, any awards you have won, groups you have participated in, artistic experiences that have been particularly meaningful, and anything else you would like for us to know about you as an artist.

Audition Guidance

We recommend reading the plays in their entirety before auditioning. Each monologue should be less than two minutes in length. The selections should be in contrasting styles—think comic and serious, verse and prose, or classical and contemporary. You should sing your musical theatre selection a cappella or provide recorded accompaniment. Please make sure selections are within the time limit.

How to Submit Your Materials

You can submit your audition materials online. Our application process provides further instructions on how to upload your files. This is our preferred mode of viewing your audition; however, we are now welcoming in-person auditions. Live auditions during one of our on campus open house events or visit days can be arranged.

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