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Theatre Major at Arts Academy

Why Study Theatre

The stage is where you share your gifts with the world. It's where you confront challenges, ignite inspiration in others, and use your voice with boldness. At Interlochen Arts Academy, you'll nurture your creative spirit and lay the foundation for your future, setting you up for continued success in the world of performing arts and beyond.

What You'll Learn

When you study theatre at our boarding school, you'll immerse yourself in a captivating journey of dramatic exploration. Our comprehensive curriculum offers three high school programs: Acting, Design & Production, and Musical Theatre. Depending on your program, you’ll take classes in acting techniques, vocal development, dance choreography, stagecraft, and more.

Expect to receive both individual and group critiques, honing your performance and production skills with guidance from experienced practitioners in the theatre world. You'll stretch your abilities across various styles and genres, from classical drama to contemporary theatre.

Our dedicated faculty, all of whom are working theatre professionals, will provide mentorship and constructive feedback to help you cultivate your unique stage presence or set design aesthetic. If your major is performance-based, they will also prepare you for success in auditions, whether you plan to pursue a theatre major in college or blaze your own trail in the acting world.

As a student at our boarding school for theatre, you will:

  • Explore a diverse array of dramatic forms and genres, from classical to avant-garde
  • Develop and refine your acting prowess, mastering techniques for the stage
  • Apply critical thinking and creative problem-solving techniques to stage management
  • Analyze the nuances of character, script, stage design, and the art of storytelling
  • Cultivate a thorough understanding of theatrical elements and terminology
  • Learn how to confidently prepare for auditions, impress casting directors, and win roles
  • Take ownership of your artistic journey and chart a course toward your acting or production goals
  • Prepare for successful entrance into competitive college programs
  • Develop a deep sense of community

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