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Music Production & Engineering Audition Requirements

The Music Production & Engineering application consists of two components: A portfolio and a video introduction.

Portfolio: Please upload two to four pieces of self-recorded, self-produced music. You must be responsible for at least 75% or more of the finished products. Your portfolio may include television or film projects, spoken word poetry, or dialogue set to original music or a background track. For each submission, please explain your role and level of involvement (ex. producer, engineer, mixer, songwriter, etc.)

Video Introduction: Tell us about who you are as an artist. Record a short (2-5 minutes) video introduction, including information about your artistic journey, such as the kinds of classes or lessons you have taken, your artistic accomplishments, any awards you have won, groups you have participated in, artistic experiences that have been particularly meaningful, and anything else you would like for us to know about you as an artist.

If you are unable to present the suggested audition materials, please submit materials that best display your present level and potential.

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For more detailed information on the Interlochen Arts Academy application process, please visit our How to Apply page.