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Motifs: May/June 2020

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During this difficult time, we want to celebrate those who are making our world a safer, brighter place. If you are working on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis, checking on elderly neighbors, shopping for those in quarantine, or helping the world respond to this crisis in any way, we want to hear your stories. If you have done something to support your community, or received support from another Interlochen alumnus/na, please let us know at

Jan Reinhart Kelley (IAC/NMC 51-55, IAC St 59-60) is a Los Angeles-based freelance cellist and part-owner of Last Resort Music Publishing, Inc. She recently published her arrangement of an excerpt from Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" for solo cello or solo viola. These arrangements are also both available in digital form from Sheet Music Plus and can be played without any worries about social distancing!

After an Emmy Award-winning career scoring mainstream media, Gary Malkin (IAC/NMC 70-71) created a globally-acclaimed musical resource, Graceful Passages, that has supported nearly a million people facing loss of all kinds. Since its release, Malkin has been giving keynotes to healthcare conferences globally about the healing power of music, and he is about to launch his updated website. His work will also be disseminated on an app to support healthcare providers and first responders. Called “TimeOut2Thrive,” the app debuted in early May. Malkin is forever grateful for his extraordinary summers at Interlochen!

Laurence Smith (AS 70, IAA 70-73, UNIV 73, IAC Fac 80-04, IAC St 05-14, IAA Fac 82, 98-20), instructor of music theory at Interlochen Arts Academy, will retire at the end of the 2019-20 academic year. Smith has worked in close association with Interlochen Center for the Arts for 50 years.

Keith Bartholomew (IAA 76-78) was recently promoted to full professor at the University of Utah College of Architecture and Planning.

Karen Betz-Griewahn (AS 78, UNIV 83) teaches 25 flute and piano students, is an accompanist in the west Michigan area, and performs with West Michigan Flute Orchestra. Her daughters, Anna and Elena, are both accomplished young musicians.

Victoria McKenzie (IAC/NMC 87-89, IAA 89-93) was the winner of the 2020 Pulitzer Award for Breakthrough Journalism for "Nowhere to Turn," a 2019 Pulitzer-supported project on sexual assaults against Alaska Native women. “Victoria McKenzie’s drive and commitment to investigating difficult and under-reported stories as a freelancer at a time of great stress for journalism makes her a great fit for this award,” said Pulitzer Center Senior Strategist Steve Sapienza.

Alexander Michaels (IAC 97-00, IAA 00-02) appears on the new TLC series Dragnificent as his stage persona, Alexis Michelle. The show follows Michaels and three other drag queens as they give special-occasion makeovers to men and women of all walks of life.

Kyle Horne (IAA 08-10) co-authored the children’s book “Careless Corny: A Cautionary Tale.” The book, published by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, is designed to help children and families understand how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Actress Natalie Portman presents a reading of the book on the hospital’s website.