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Motifs: December 2020

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Elizabeth Young (IAC/NMC 56, 58) published her sixth book “Finding J. Hubbard.” The book, Young’s fourth mystery novel, features amateur Black detective Zora Erickson. Learn more about the book on Young’s website.

Kathy Manning (IAC/NMC 68-73, UNIV 74) was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives during the Nov. 3 election. She will represent North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District.

Greg Pace (IAA 70-72) was recently elected treasurer of the Economic Democracy Advocates, with focuses on resource democracy and bioregional carrying capacity. He also just took on a position as project coordinator for Ecohouse Solar, central Ohio's locally based solar installer.

Rusty Edwards’ (IAC/NMC 72, IAA 72-73, IAC St 73) hymn was published in the Czech Republic Brethren supplement and will be in the 2021 ECCB hymnal. His songs also appear in books in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, and the United States, most notably “Ancient and Modern.”

Maria Bamford (IAC/NMC 83) returned as a voice actor for several prominent roles in Adventure Time: Distant Lands—Obsidian for HBO Max.

Holly Wren Spaulding (IAC/NMC 83, IAA 91-92, ICA Fac 00-01) recently moved to southern Maine with her husband, author Matt Rigney. Spaulding is the founder and director of Poetry Forge, an organization that supports emerging writers through workshops and manuscript incubation. Her second book of poetry, “Familiars” (Alice Greene & Co.) was published in November 2020.

Robin Zimpel (IAC/NMC 84-87, IAA 87-89) has opened her own law practice: Law Offices of Robin Zimpel, PLLC. She represents people who are injured as a result of medical negligence, catastrophic accidents, and defective products.

Matt Schicker (AS 89, IAA 90-93, IAC St 94) was elected co-president of the board of directors of New York Theatre Barn, an New York City-based non-profit theatre company.

Carol Jantsch (IAC 94-96, 98-99, IAA 99-02) released two new albums, Powerhouse and Tubular, on Nov. 22.

The New Yorker listed “Cleanness” by Garth Greenwell (IAA 94-96) as one of the best books they read in 2020.

Neill Campbell (IAC 97-07, IAC St 08) released a Christmas album, Christmas at Home, with John and Gillian Riesen. The album also features Chris Glassman on trombone and his wife, Lindsay (AS 09), on background vocals. The album was recorded by Blue Griffin Recording, Inc.

Benjamin Walker (IAC 98, IAA 99-00) recently joined the cast of Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series.

Farkhad Khudyev (IAC 01, IAA 01-04, IAC St 03-05) recently won the “Beethoven 250” Prize for the best video including a performance of a piece by Ludwig van Beethoven at the Arthur Nikisch Competition. Khudyev is currently music director of the University of Texas Symphony Orchestra and Assistant Professor of Music in Orchestral Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

RJ Magee (IAC 02-05, IAA 06-08) is the casting director and talent booker for Flaviar's weekly talk show on YouTube and Facebook, NightCap Live. Recent guests have included esteemed Interlochen alumni Dan Amboyer (IAC 95-98, IAA 99-02) and Michael McMillian (IAA 95-98, IAC St 00). Magee also costars as the overworked, frantic, and opinionated casting director in the new reality show, Theality TV, which will stream for free on Broadway On Demand through the end of December. Theality TV chronicles the crazy, unpredictable, and hilarious process of mounting an original, Off-Broadway musical in New York City.

Laura Andrade (IAC 03, 05, 07) and Rubén Rengel (IAC 09-10) were selected as two of Carnegie Hall’s 2020-22 Ensemble Connect Fellows.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph (IAC 03, IAC St 05) will star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard in the forthcoming Netflix dramatic thriller, The Guilty.

Georgina Rossi (IAC 03-05, IAA 09-11) released her debut album, MOBILI: Music from Chile, this fall. The album features world-premiere recordings of works by Chilean composers including Rafael Díaz, Carlos Botto, Federico Heinlein, and David Cortés, as well as a special tribute to Juan Orrego-Salas.

Meggie Cramer (IAA 04-07) recently accepted the role of director of philanthropy and foundation director for the Hospital Sisters Health System St. Vincent, St. Mary, and St. Clare's Foundations in Green Bay, where she is the highest-ranking philanthropic officer in the system in northeast Wisconsin, overseeing a team of three and building new philanthropic inroads throughout the area. She is also pursuing her MBA at Boston University.

Tove Danovich’s (IAA 04-08) first book, “Under the Henfluence: Inside the Fowl World of Chickens and the People Who Love Them,” a blend of memoir and reporting, will be published by Agate in 2022.

Sarah Pidgeon (IAC 05, 07-12, IAA 12-14, IAC St 14, 17) will star in the forthcoming Amazon original series The Wilds.