Envision Interlochen at 100

Looking toward our Centennial

For nearly 100 years, Interlochen has served as a beacon to young artists, drawing students from across the nation and around the world to study with renowned faculty in a place of unparalleled beauty. As Interlochen grew and evolved, new programs and offerings expanded the reach, influence, and global reputation of this extraordinary institution.

As we approach our centennial, we celebrate Interlochen's leadership in arts education, drawing upon our remarkable success to envision an even brighter future. The resulting plan, Vision 2028, is supported by four fundamental pillars: The Young Artist Destination, The Formative Experience, One Interlochen, and Student Value Investments.

Interlochen Arts Camp student smiles after Les Preludes concludes

The Young Artist Destination

In 1928, the National High School Orchestra Camp was the only institution of its kind—a place for student musicians to connect with world-class artists, like-minded peers, and nature. Today, young artists have far more opportunities. In an increasingly competitive landscape, we must affirm our position as the foremost institution for emerging artists and help passionate students find their way to Interlochen.

Two junior Interlochen Arts Camp students smile in front of lake

The Formative Experience

Over the past nine decades, thousands of young artists have been transformed by a summer or school year at Interlochen. We want the students of tomorrow to have the same experience. While a single session can be life-changing, we believe students achieve greater potential the longer they are immersed in our vibrant community.

Interlochen Arts Academy dance students and faculty rehearse

One Interlochen

Our world-class faculty and staff have always been the cornerstone of the Interlochen experience. As we approach our centennial, we reaffirm our commitment to bringing the very best talent to Interlochen as faculty and staff members and empowering them to curate transformative moments.

Interlochen Arts Academy students on Mackinac Island trip

Student Value Investments

We believe that exceptional arts education is for everyone—regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, or socioeconomic background. To that end, we strive to make Interlochen accessible to any student with the passion and potential to thrive here. Through bold investments in facilities, programs, and touring opportunities, we can create once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will shape students’ lives forever.

Help Us Achieve Vision 2028

Since its founding in 1928, Interlochen Center for the Arts has evolved from a modest orchestra camp to a global artistic leader with six business sectors. As Interlochen approaches its centennial, we envision Interlochen at 100—and chart a course for the institution’s second century as the destination for young artists. Help us achieve Vision 2028.