Visual Arts Major Portfolio Requirements

Visual Arts Requirements

  1. Video Introduction: Tell us about who you are as an artist. Record a short (two to five minutes) video introduction, including information about your artistic journey, such as the kinds of classes or lessons you have taken, your artistic accomplishments, any awards you have won, groups you have participated in, artistic experiences that have been particularly meaningful, and anything else you would like for us to know about you as an artist.
  2. Portfolio: Seven to ten recent pieces of artwork. The portfolio should represent your artistic interests and demonstrate your technical skills and abilities. You can submit various media, like metalwork, digital art, installation images, photography, video, painting, printmaking, etc. Multiple image file types accepted.
  3. Foundational Evidence: One to three drawings from observation. These should not be work drawn from imagination or copied from photographs. 
  4. Personal Statement: Please choose and respond to one of the prompts below. You can do this through a written essay (one to two pages) or video submission (maximum five minutes).
    • Describe a current piece: Choose a piece from your submitted portfolio. Consider sharing where the idea came from, why you chose the specific medium used, what you might be trying to say or address in your piece, and why you ultimately wanted to create it.
    • Idea: Propose a detailed description of an idea or project that you would like to work on if you were to join Interlochen Arts Academy's Visual Arts division.

How to Submit Your Materials

You can submit your Visual Arts portfolio online. Our application process provides further instructions on how to upload your files.

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