The Interlochen Annual Fund

  • "In my eyes, investing in the arts today, improves humanity tomorrow." —Mickenna, Oboe, Camp, age 17, Macomb, Mich.

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Your gift to the Interlochen Annual Fund will help inspire the next generation of artists and performers, and creative leaders in every field. It is a gift that will change a life.

The Interlochen Annual Fund fuels the very heart of Interlochen. Gifts to Interlochen help pay for guest artists and master classes, art materials, costumes and music scores. They support outstanding performances. They help shape a one-of-a-kind gathering place for the arts, a space dedicated to creativity and inspiration. Most importantly, gifts to the Interlochen Annual Fund help ensure that an extraordinary education is available to promising students from all economic backgrounds and walks of life.

You can choose to make your yearly gift any time of the year, or you can make sure that you never miss a year by joining the Interlochen Evergreens recurring giving community. It takes just a couple quick minutes to set up your sustaining gift. Just like the stately pines that stand tall and colorful through all seasons on campus, your gifts as an Interlochen Evergreen provide perennial, reliable support for the young artists of Interlochen. Learn more and join!

What is the Interlochen Annual Fund, and why do you ask me to make a gift every year? 

The Interlochen Annual Fund is our annual giving program, providing unrestricted support to the institution. The Interlochen Annual Fund supports a variety of programs, including guest artists, master classes, classroom materials, and scholarships.

So, The Interlochen Annual Fund will always be here, and I'll always be asked to make a gift? 
Yes. What you and others – parents, grandparents, alumni and friends – accomplish with your Interlochen Annual Fund gift is the transformational education of our students and campers. You help ignite lifelong passion for the arts.

I'm usually asked to increase my gift. Why is that? 
Annual operating costs at Interlochen Center for the Arts increase just like food, healthcare, and gasoline prices. As a result, tuition goes up each year, and so does our Interlochen Annual Fund goal.

How much should I give? 
The important thing is that you do give. Every gift is important. It really depends on how much you choose to stretch your own resources to make a gift. Whether your gift is $50, $500, $5,000 or $50,000, the most important consideration is that you choose to make a difference for Interlochen Center for the Arts. If you need to benchmark your contributions, the Interlochen Fund would like to be one of the top three charitable gifts you make this year. That will mean different amounts to different people.

Does my gift have to be in cash? 
No. Although gifts are usually cash given via credit cards or checks, appreciated securities can be a tax-wise alternative. If you hold stocks or bonds that have appreciated in value (and that you have held for at least a year), you can give them to Interlochen Center for the Arts and save taxes twice. Take a charitable deduction for their full market value and save the capital gains tax that you would incur if you sold them. Please contact the Advancement Staff at 231.276.7623, or e-mail at for details on the best way to make this type of gift. Click here for more information on gifts of securities

What if I want to restrict my gift to a specific part of the operating budget, say the summer theatre program, the visual arts department, or scholarships? Can I do that?
Absolutely. However, we encourage you to speak with an Advancement officer to be sure that your gift will have the impact you intend. Contact the Advancement Staff at 231.276.7623 for help making a gift to a specific part of Interlochen.

When does my gift have to arrive at Interlochen Center for the Arts? 
Interlochen Center for the Arts operates on a June 1 through May 31 fiscal year, but you can give at any time. Keep in mind that gifts need to be postmarked by December 31 for you to qualify for a tax deduction in this tax year.

What more do I need to know? 
Only this. You need to know how grateful the students, faculty, staff and trustees are for your support of Interlochen Center for the Arts. Whatever amount you decide to give, know that the most important consideration is that you choose to advance the quality and caliber of learning and performance at Interlochen Center for the Arts. Your gift will help ensure that the arts continue to flourish today and tomorrow, both at Interlochen and around the globe.

Contact the Advancement Staff at 231.276.7623, email to or make a gift online now.