Transfer of Securities

four students after Les Preludes at Interlochen Arts Camp

There are many ways you can support Interlochen financially. Many of our donors choose to make gifts of securities as a tax-efficient way to give. We are able to accept stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

For expeditious processing and recognition of your gift, please inform Interlochen of your intent to make a gift of stock, bonds, or mutual funds by contacting the Philanthropy Office at 231.276.7623 or

For processing transfers in the United States, your broker will need the following information:

The Huntington Investment Company (subsidiary of Huntington National Bank) clears all stock transfers through National Financial Services LLC.

  • Phone: 800.322.4600
  • FAX: 877.780.1364
  • Address: HIC Cashiering 41 S High St 7th Floor, Columbus OH 43215

If your gift of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds is being made via wire or electronic transfer, your broker will need the following information:

  • DTC Number: 0226
  • Account Number: H6F 033995
  • Account Name: Interlochen Center for the Arts
    • Please ask that “Interlochen Public Radio” be included in the memo/description if your gift is intended for the radio station.
  • Interlochen’s Employer Identification Number (EIN or Tax I.D.): 38-1689022

Donors who must use a Stock Power Form to make their donations, including donors making a donation from a dividend reinvestment plan, must register Interlochen as an “Unincorporated Association” in Section F of the form.

Please ask your broker to include your name with the transmittal information. This ensures your gift of securities is attributed to you and that we appropriately designate and acknowledge your gift. 

To process a securities transfer outside the United States, please contact the Philanthropy Office at 231.276.7623 or

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