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Miami-Interlochen Partnership

Driven by a passion for deepening the music scene among Miami youth, Dan Lewis and Valerie Dillon pioneered Music Access Miami. This organization connects talented young musicians with life-changing experiences at Interlochen Arts Camp.

Miami-Interlochen Partnership

With teamwork and leadership from dozens of music educators in Miami and at Interlochen, the Miami-Interlochen Partnership has provided Interlochen Arts Camp scholarships to more than 250 students. 

(Valerie Dillion, left; Dan Lewis, near left)

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Dan Lewis Valerie Dillon Music Access Miami

Miami-Interlochen Partnership Stats


is the average college scholarship offered to Miami-Interlochen students


of Miami-Interlochen students placed higher in their sectional or graduated to higher-level orchestras after attending Interlochen


of Miami-Interlochen students add ethic diversity to Interlochen's student body, enhancing the intercultural experience for all

Increasing access to arts education and training across cultural and socioeconomic lines positively impacts the lives of Miami youth through music education and drives social change. The partnership with Interlochen continues to change lives and makes both Interlochen and Miami better places.

Dan Lewis and Valerie Dillon

Miami-Interlochen Partnership Goals

Achieve equitable systematic improvement

Improve collaboration among arts non-profits, schools, and government towards an ambitious shared vision

Improve students’ school grades, attendance, and social, emotional, and physical well-being

Reduce the gap between the current state of arts education in most communities

Mobilize students’ voices on important issues through creative expression in organizing, engagement, journalism, and the use of media

Further engage support and increase support from thought and philanthropic leaders with aligned interests