An Introduction to the Performance of Bach

J.S. Bach’s Musical structure Analysis and Performance

Oxford University Press, 1959 (U.K & Europe), 1960 (USA), English, German, French Second Edition, 1962, 1966 (translations: Japanese, Spanish; 2002, Chinese)

Book I: Essays on (a) Fingering, (b) Phrasing, (c) Dynamics, (d) Touch (e) The Function and Use of Pedals, (f) Ornamentation, (g) Harpsichord, Clavichord, and Piano, (h) Bach's Attitude to Music and Instruments - and Ours

Music: Application in C Major (S. 994), Chorale " Joy and Peace (S. 212), Musette In D Major (S. Anh. 126), Minuet in G Major (S, Anh. 1 16), Minuet in G Minor S. Anh. 1 15), March in D Major (S. Anh. 122), March in E flat Major (s. Ant). 127), Polonaise in F Major (S. Anh. I 17a)

Book II: Further Notes on (a) Ornamentation, (b) Fingering, (c) Phrasing, Essays on (d) Practical uses of the Pedal, (e) How to Think Contrapuntally, (f) How to Play Contrapuntal Structures, (g) How to Play a Fugue

Music; Two-Part Invention in C Major (S. 772), Contrapuntal Study (arranged Rosalyn Tureck), Three-Part Fantasia In G Minor (s. 917), Four-Part Prelude and Fugue in A. Minor (S. 895)

Book III: Essay on (a) Manuscripts and Editions; Further Notes on (b) Fingering, (c) Dynamics, (d) Ornamentation, Essays on (e) Practical Uses of the Sustaining Pedal, (f) Repeated Sections

Music: Suite in A Major (S. 824), Aria and Ten Variations in the Italian Style (S. 989)