Named Annual Scholarships

musical theatre at interlochen arts camp

Donors can open the doors of opportunity for young artists’ lives through establishing named annual scholarships. The minimum requirement is a $10,000 gift which provides a scholarship for one year. Donors may also establish one of these scholarships with a $5,000 gift, as long as the scholarship is included in their estate plans. With either option, we encourage donors to make a pledge to continue the scholarship for three to five years.

With a Named Annual Scholarship:

  • The donor determines the name of the scholarship, and designates up to two selection criteria—choosing either Camp or Academy and an arts area. A donor may select a geographic location rather than an arts area if that area falls within Interlochen’s strategic recruiting efforts 
  • The donor works with a Philanthropy staff member to ensure the donor’s intent and pledge payment schedule is recorded 
  • Donors can make a gift through a check, donor-advised fund, IRA distribution, or securities
  • Donors receive a thank you note from their scholarship recipient each year the scholarship is awarded 
  • Interlochen lists all named annual scholarships in our Annual Report. New scholarships established within a calendar year are also highlighted 

For more information on named annual scholarships, contact Philanthropy staff at 231-276-7623 or

student at interlochen arts camp

It is at Interlochen where I realize again my passion for music. I re-engage with life in a new way, love art and humanity more. I have matured and grown so much as a musician and a person.

Peter F. (IAC 15-19), Cello student, Brookby Foundation Scholarship