Planned Giving

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When you make a planned gift to Interlochen Center for the Arts or Interlochen Public Radio, you create a philanthropic legacy that lasts generations. From unrestricted support to scholarships to classical music programming, your love for Interlochen becomes even more tangible–and can help with tax-advantaged planning for you and your heirs.

Learn the impact of your planning giving; review giving options that can be right for you and the vehicles you can use to make those gifts.

Planned Giving Forms

Have you made a planned gift to benefit Interlochen? Tell us about it using our simple forms to become a member of the Heritage Society! Ready to add Interlochen to your will or trust? Our suggested language can get your attorney started!

Estate Intention Notice

Beneficiary Designation Notice

Planned Giving Vehicles

Planned gifts, sometimes referred to as legacy gifts or deferred gifts, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Interlochen will work with you and your advisors to help choose the type of gift that best meets your estate planning needs and supports your goals for Interlochen’s future. Common types of planned gifts include the following:

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IRAs, Retirement & Investment Accounts

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Life Income Gifts: Annuities and Trusts

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Insurance Policies

Interlochen can work with your attorney to customize the perfect language for your bequest. A good place to start is to share sample bequest wording with your attorney. This ensures your intent to give to Interlochen Center for the Arts or Interlochen Public Radio is clearly noted.

There are advantages to naming Interlochen as beneficiary to receive your IRA, or retirement or investment account, upon your passing.

Because Interlochen is a nonprofit, it does not pay taxes on any distributions it receives. The full amount of your account will directly benefit Interlochen! While the value of the assets designated to Interlochen are included in your gross estate, your estate will receive a tax deduction for the charitable contribution, which can be used to offset any estate taxes. 

Making Interlochen the direct beneficiary is typically straightforward. You simply fill out a designated beneficiary form through your employer or your plan administrator. You will need Interlochen’s legal name (Interlochen Center for the Arts), mailing address (P.O. Box 199, Interlochen, MI 49643-0199), and Tax ID/Employer Identification Number (38-1689022).

Once you make your gift, you receive an immediate income tax donation. The annuity income you receive annually is then taxed at advantageous rates. Upon your passing, Interlochen receives the gift for its use.

Kathleen Kasdorf can run illustrations of the tax deduction and income stream for your consideration. Contact her at 231.276.7637 or

As a qualified nonprofit under IRS section 501(c)(3), Interlochen can receive gifts from insurance policies, and not pay taxes on the amount received. Making Interlochen the beneficiary of your policy is a wonderful way to support Interlochen’s future!

When listing Interlochen as the beneficiary you will need Interlochen’s Employer Identification Number (EIN)/Tax ID (38-1689022) and address: 4000 J Maddy Pkwy, PO Box 199, Interlochen, MI 49643-0199.

Planned Gift Assets

In addition to deciding which type of planned gift is best for you, it’s important to think about the type of assets you would like to leave to benefit Interlochen. The following examples are assets that are commonly left to Interlochen.

You can leave Interlochen Center for the Arts the gift of a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your trust or estate.

You can leave Interlochen Center for the Arts publicly traded securities. If you choose to bequeath securities to Interlochen, we ask that your Trustee or executor contact Interlochen Center for the Arts for current securities transfer instructions at the time of the transfer.

Interlochen Center for the Arts can be listed as the pay-on-death beneficiary of bank accounts. When listing Interlochen as the beneficiary you will need Interlochen’s Employer Identification Number (EIN)/Tax ID (38-1689022) and address: 4000 J Maddy Pkwy, PO Box 199, Interlochen, MI 49643-0199.

In 2024, individuals who are 70½ years old or older may use a Qualified Charitable Donation (QCD) to donate up to $105,000 to Interlochen Center for the Arts or Interlochen Public Radio directly from an IRA. This is sometimes called an IRA Rollover Gift. There is no charitable income tax deduction for a QCD, but the QCD is not considered income for income tax purposes and so may decrease your taxable income. 

All QCDs must come directly from your IRA administrator to Interlochen. QCDs can satisfy all or a portion of your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year if you have reached RMD age. Your IRA Administrator may have specific forms that are required to effectuate a rollover gift. Please contact your IRA Administrator to ensure that all necessary steps are completed to finalize your charitable distribution. We also encourage you to consult with your tax advisor when considering making a gift using a QCD. 

Interlochen Center for the Arts, of which Interlochen Public Radio is a division, is a 501c(3) nonprofit. The Employer Identification Number (EIN)/Tax ID for both Interlochen Center for the Arts and Interlochen Public Radio is # 38-1689022. The address for all QCDs is: Interlochen Center for the Arts, P.O. Box 199, Interlochen, MI 49643-0199.

Many donors consider leaving Interlochen specific items of personal property such as instruments or valuable artwork. We ask that donors please contact us to discuss Interlochen’s ability to accept all gifts of personal property.

For many donors, one of their most valuable assets is their real estate. If you are considering leaving your real estate to Interlochen please contact us to discuss the gift. It is important that you, your advisors, and Interlochen have a conversation about your real estate to determine the best way to effectuate the gift for both you and Interlochen.

If you have other types of assets that you are considering leaving to Interlochen, such as closely held business stock, please contact us to discuss Interlochen’s ability to accept the gift.

Impact of Planned Giving

Planned gifts support Interlochen’s future people, programs, and priorities. Including Interlochen in your estate plans today can help keep Interlochen strong and thriving forever. Unrestricted gifts offer Interlochen the most flexibility for the future; restricted gifts–especially for scholarships–are also of enormous value. Here are just a few ways your planned gift can have an impact:

Interlochen Arts Academy students perform Stellaluna

Unrestricted Planned Gifts

You can support Interlochen’s highest future priorities with an unrestricted planned gift. We may not receive your gift until 20-50 years from now. This makes unrestricted planned gifts uniquely flexible and extremely valuable to Interlochen’s long-term health. Unrestricted planned gifts have played a key role recently in funding scholarship endowments, student tours, and the Music Center. It’s hard to predict future priorities, but choosing to make an unrestricted planned gift means you can support them!

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Access through Scholarships

You can ensure that the most talented young artists can access Interlochen through scholarships. Our goal is to meet the demonstrated financial need of all enrolling Camp and Academy students. Currently, 80% of Academy students and 50% of Campers have financial need; your planned gift can make sure that cost does not prevent any talented young artist from attending Interlochen.

Interlochen Arts Camp students perform in Studio 1A at Interlochen Public Radio

Interlochen Public Radio

You can support inspiring original programming at Interlochen Public Radio, such as Kids Commute, Live from Studio A, or the Up North Lowdown. You can also ensure IPR can bring classical music and important national and local news stories to generations of listeners in northern Michigan and throughout the world.