Endowment Gifts

double bassist at interlochen arts camp

An endowment gift is the best way for your philanthropy to have a long-term impact at Interlochen. Your influence will last for generations. 

An endowment can be established with a single gift, a pledge fulfilled in up to five years, or through a planned gift. Philanthropy staff work with a donor who wishes to establish an endowed fund so that the designation of a donor's gift can be documented, and their gift used appropriately by Interlochen now and into the future. You can choose to name an endowed fund after yourself, or your designee—parents, family, a mentor, or another person special to you.

Your endowment, as part of Interlochen's overall endowment, is invested right away. We take a portion of the earnings (currently 4.35%) from this investment and use it to support the area of your choice, such as scholarships, faculty, guest artists, touring opportunities, public radio, or building maintenance. The remainder of the earnings is reinvested, ensuring your endowment fund retains its buying power over time.

You can increase the impact of your gift as you continue to build the endowment. Many donors also include the endowed fund in their estate. 

Endowment Levels

  • $50,000 endowment is the minimum for an endowed Camp Scholarship
  • $100,000 endowment is the minimum for an endowed Academy Scholarship
  • $100,000 is the preferred minimum endowment level for establishing an endowed fund for faculty positions, guest artists, touring opportunities, program support for a specific arts discipline, Interlochen Public Radio
  • A $50,000-$250,000 endowment currently funds a Visiting Artist
  • A $300,000 endowment currently funds a six-week Arts Camp scholarship each year
  • A $300,000 endowment currently funds a Camp faculty position
  • A $1.5 million endowment currently funds an Academy faculty position
  • A $1.75 million endowment currently funds the annual tuition, room, and board for an Arts Academy student

Endowed scholarships provide a permanent investment in the young artists of Interlochen, and ensure that they have the opportunity to attend Interlochen for decades to come.

This type of gift is especially satisfying for donors, as it establishes a lasting legacy. Endowed scholarships can also be named in honor of a friend, a loved one, or a mentor. Learn more about supporting students with an endowed scholarship.

Endowed Scholarships

Each year, more than 180 guest artists and artists-in-residence enhance our students' educational experiences through artistic immersion. They bring their professional skills and unique experiences to our classrooms and stages, complementing and augmenting each of our instructional areas to strengthen the curriculum our students receive.

An ongoing priority is to enrich our learning opportunities through these distinguished artistic and education change-makers. Most importantly, these artists are a vital connection to the professional world to which our students aspire, offering them a link of immeasurable value.

Endowed support of visiting artists leverages budgeted dollars to increase the number and diversity of these professionals and their positive impact on our students' growth as artists.

Touring gives students the opportunity to perform outside the Interlochen campus, connecting them with new audiences both near and far. Touring can also enable students to establish and build relationships with fellow young artists and professional artists in other parts of the country.

Annually, Dance students have traveled to Cheboygan and Midland to perform Nutcracker and Swan Lake. In spring 2020, 118 students from all seven arts area traveled to Miami to connect with fellow young artists, learn about the local arts culture, and present an original, collaborative, and interdisciplinary performance to that community.

The opportunity to go on a tour like this means everything. I don't see any other way I could get that firsthand experience being a touring artist.

— Isabella F. (IAC 18, IAA 18-20), Singer-Songwriter Student

For more information on these or other options for endowment gifts, please call Philanthropy staff at 231-276-7623 or email philanthropy@interlochen.org.