Creative Writing Intensives Portfolio Requirements

Comics & Graphic Narratives Intensive

Submissions should include samples from one of the following categories. You may, however, include submissions from multiple categories:

  1. Three to five examples of visual art, which can include drawings, paintings, comics, and graphic narratives
  2. At least a 10-page spread from a graphic narrative for which you have done the art and/or writing
  3. A short story or multiple short stories (a total of 10-20 pages)

Novel Writing Intensive

Submit your 50-page manuscript excerpt in PDF format. All materials should be typed and proofread, double-spaced, with a standard 12-point font.

Performance Poetry Intensive

Submit an audio or, preferably, video recording of you performing one or more original poems. If you are unable to submit audio-visual work, submit at least three page-based poems that demonstrate sonic sensibilities that we hear as we read. (Note: interpret "poem" broadly—that doesn't mean it has to be traditionally lineated.)