Campus Safety

Our Campus Safety Department works tirelessly to assure a safe environment where our students can explore, grow, and fulfill their potential.

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About Campus Safety

The safety of our students is our number one priority. We continually review and assess additional means to enhance our security around campus, while working closely with local authorities to promote safety programs in the area. We conduct regular fire, lock-down, and wind drills throughout the year, and manage a campus Emergency Communication System to quickly notify the community of any safety issues or concerns.

Some recent initiatives include:

  • Working in partnership with Green Lake Township to help fund a full-time Community Police Officer (CPO), which allows for a continuity of response and a clear line of communication
  • Hosting various trainings for local law enforcement and firefighters on campus to familiarize these groups with our campus and to reduce response times in case of an emergency
  • Upgrading our emergency speaker and siren system, installing automated external defibrillators, and increasing the number of security cameras across campus

We also screen visitors to campus through our secure main entrance.

Campus Safety by the Numbers
Campus Safety by the Numbers
20+ Full- and part-time Campus Safety Officers, many of whom are current or retired policer officers or firefighters
40 Number of hours per week our CPO patrols our area, optimizes Emergency Response Plans, and participates in on campus training and exercises

View our state-mandated drill report information.

Student Transportation

The Student Travel Office works with students, parents, airlines, and the institution in coordinating student travel to and from Interlochen's campus. To request an airport pickup or dropbox, please fill out the Interlochen Transportation Request Form.

Please note the following information about transportation and fees

  • Transportation generally requests a minimum of 72 hours notice. They will not accept any requests with less than 24 hours notice
  • Transportation Fees:
    • Medical Round Trip: $22 (Traverse City); $7 (Interlochen/Local)
    • Last-Minute (less than 3 days) Late Medical Round Trip Fee: Additional $30 (this fee may be waived if late scheduling is due to provider availability. See Health Services or Dr. Kern for more info)
    • Transportation Missed Appointment fee: $25

Transportation questions may be directed to: 231.276.7303.