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Counseling Services: Off-Campus Providers & Telecounseling

Interlochen’s school counselors are here to support student social and emotional growth through on-campus programming, crisis management, and school integrated support. However, at times, students may need more extensive long-term treatment and mental health skill-building. In those cases, an off-campus provider can be a useful, more confidential resource to support students' growth.

Though off-campus providers maintain greater confidentiality, we ask but do not require that you sign a release of information to allow Interlochen’s school counselors to coordinate care with off-campus providers whenever possible and appropriate. Please note that due to Interlochen’s medical in loco parentis status, private providers can always share information concerning a child’s physical safety.

Students have three options for finding an off-campus therapist: traveling to Traverse City to find a therapist, seeing a licensed therapist via video conference through Interlochen's partnership with HelloHERO, or accessing free 24/7 support through the Ulliance Student Life Advisor Program by calling a consultant or accessing the Student Life Advisor Well-Being Portal. Please see the information below for information about each process.

One of the challenges for Interlochen students who want to see an off-campus therapist is the time and expense of transportation to Traverse City. Families also frequently have difficulty support with medication perscriptions and management when their children move to a new state. An alternative is to see a therapist or psychiatric nurse practitioner virtually through Interlochen's partnership with By utilizing HelloHERO’s services, students can participate in live, interactive counseling sessions over their computers at a location of their choosing on campus. HelloHERO’s therapists are fully licensed and experienced in working with youth and teens. Because of the nature of virtual counseling, students can also access their counselor during school breaks, when traveling, and in life after graduation from Interlochen. Information about the HelloHERO therapy provider(s) that work with Arts Academy can be found >HERE. Information on their Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners can be found HERE.

Below are the steps for connecting with an HelloHERO Therapist:

  1. Families should use THIS LINK to set up a HelloHERO account
  2. Using the HelloHERO account, families digitally fill out important information and sign our private provider release of information form
  3. HelloHERO will reach out to students to give them their login information and to schedule their first appointment
  4. The school counselor or psychologist will provide referral information to HelloHERO
  5. As needed, Health Services will reach out to students to ensure they have a private place for their session

Times and Costs for HelloHERO

  • Typical HelloHERO therapy sessions last for one hour
  • Arts Academy students can see an HelloHERO therapist at a discounted rate of $76 per hour
  • Initial sessions for HelloHERO take one hour of the student’s time and an additional half-hour for other therapist documentation/consultation ($114)

Insurance and HelloHERO

  • Insurance policies differ in their coverage of mental health and video-conference based mental health. Families will are encouraged to check with their insurance about coverage
  • If HelloHERO has a preexisting relationship with your student’s insurance provider, they will submit the claim information
  • If HelloHERO does not have a  preexisting relationship with your student’s insurance provider, they will give families the appropriate info to submit claims
  • Private and confidential, phone or video sessions at no cost to you – It’s FREE 
  • Face to face counseling in some instances per school 
  • Support for life issues such as stress, life changes, relationship and friend issues, substance use, grief, loss, and overwhelming emotions
  • Support, motivation, and accountability to help you achieve a personal goal
Crisis Support
  • Available 24/7 for immediate support to help you manage difficult emotions and feelings
Student Life Advisor Well-Being Portal
  • Anytime access to info, resources, self-care tips, and lots more 
  • Log-in to the Student Life Advisor Well-being Portal: 
  • Your School Name is: Interlochen Arts Academy 
  • Your City is: Interlochen
Your Student Life Advisor Consultant can help you
  • Explore and identify the right services to support you 
  • Set up an appointment for you to speak with a counselor – FREE to you! 
  • Offer you immediate support by phone to help get you through a tough time 
  • Help you find information for positive school-life balance

Ulliance provides no cost, confidential, short-term counseling for you. Call a Student Life Advisor Consultant at 800.448.8326

Below you’ll find the steps for connecting with an off-campus mental health provider.  

  1. A school counselor will make a referral to an off-campus provider and provide a link to our referral list and a copy of our private provider release of information form.
  2. You and your student can use our referral list and other resources (such as your health insurance), to select a provider and schedule the first appointment. We generally recommend that first sessions be scheduled whenever the provider has an opening and then the provider works with the student to schedule future sessions and times that work for both of them.
  3. Contact the appropriate Arts Academy school psychologist or school counselor to return the signed release of information.
  4. If transportation off-campus is needed, notify Health Services of the appointment time. The Health Services Coordinator will arrange transportation. Learn more about transportation fees at Campus Safety & Transportation.
  5. The Health Services Coordinator will notify the student of the transportation schedule.
  6. The student attends the first session.
  7. The student and family work with the provider to schedule subsequent sessions and the Health Services Coordinator arranges transportation for future visits.

Thompson Pharmacy fills prescriptions ordered through our Health Services or off-campus providers and delivers the medication free of charge to students. Thompson Pharmacy will bill a student’s insurance directly and any copays are deducted from the student account through our billing office.

Thompson Pharmacy
324 S Union St. Traverse City, MI
231-947-4212 (phone)
231-947-0301 (fax)