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Going to one of the best summer music camps will change your life. Here’s how.

Four ways your summer will shape you as a musician and individual

A young musician in a pale blue polo smiles as she holds her violin.

Are you committed to becoming a better musician? Do you want to spend your summer perfecting your technique alongside other young artists? For young musicians who are serious about growing their skills, an elite summer camp has the potential to be profoundly transformative. And we don’t mean “transformative” in a clichéd, stereotypical way. Some of today’s best-known working artists say that arts camp literally changed the course of their lives.

Let's delve into four ways the best summer music camps offer an experience that just might shape you forever. 

Two faculty members assist a music production student with a laptop.

1. Faculty: Learn from master musicians

Imagine performing with an orchestra of your peers under the guidance of a world-famous conductor, or expanding your vocal range with a gifted producer and singer-songwriter who’s lent her voice to hit songs. The faculty at the best music camps are exceptional individuals who have achieved greatness for a reason. Their drive, charisma, and talent are palpable, and—while learning by osmosis might not be scientifically proven—working with them allows you to improve your musical education and absorb some of their excellence. Interacting directly with your artistic heroes provides insights into the industry that are invaluable: you’ll learn how to cultivate the confidence you’ll need to ace a conservatory audition, or discover the fine art of making connections as a music producer.


A lineup of international flags adorns the outside of Kresge Auditorium.

2. Diversity: Get a global perspective

The summer camp learning experience isn’t just about the instructors; it’s also about the diverse group of students surrounding you. The best arts camps attract students from around the world, giving you a global mindset that will be valuable to you no matter what you do in the future. For instance, Interlochen Arts Camp brought together students from 40 different countries last summer. The international community can introduce you to different languages, cultures, backgrounds, and family stories, enriching your education in ways you never imagined. Step out of your comfort zone and see for yourself.

Two happy students paddle canoes across Green Lake.

3. Location: Get inspired by natural beauty

While hard work on your craft is a crucial aspect of your summer at music camp, some of your best memories might come from exploring the beauty and peace of nature. Top arts camps offer you a balance of strenuous practice and opportunities to relax, giving you the space and time to remember why you love your art form so much. Interlochen Arts Camp, tucked between two sparkling lakes and surrounded by majestic pine trees, provides an inspiring backdrop to your summer adventures. Who knows? You might find inspiration for future compositions or insights into the beauty of music theory. 

Two students in Interlochen attire—one with a microphone, and the other with a violin—perform on stage.

4. Performance opportunities: Share your music with an audience

The pinnacle of a great music camp experience is the opportunity to share your music with others. Whether it's an orchestra concert, chamber music recital, or an interdisciplinary showcase, these platforms allow you to put your talents center stage and overcome any performance jitters. Regular opportunities to perform help prepare you for the reality of being a full-time artist. With a host of performance opportunities throughout the summer, Interlochen Arts Camp ensures that you not only refine your skills but also get a feel for the rhythm and demands of a professional musician's life.

If you're seeking a summer music program that has all these features—world-class faculty, a diverse student community, a beautiful natural setting, and plenty of performance opportunities—you’ll want to consider attending a summer at Interlochen Arts Camp. It's a journey that will shape you into a musician and an individual with a powerful perspective on your art and the world around you.

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