Is Interlochen worth it? Three famous Camp alumni think so.

A Hollywood screenwriter, a Broadway actress, and an advocate for dancers with disabilities share how Interlochen changed their lives.

A young Camp student poses with parents.

Wherever you choose to attend summer arts camp, it’s an investment. A lot of time and care goes into making these decisions—students hope that they’ll make friends and become better artists in their weeks away from home, and parents hope that their financial investment will be rewarded. It’s only natural to wonder: Is Interlochen worth it?

For three Interlochen alumni, the answer is a resounding yes. Ginger Lane became a well-known dancer, choreographer, and disability activist; Allan Heinberg turned his favorite comics into blockbuster movies and series; and Tovah Feldshuh continues to star as an actress on Broadway and beyond. For each of them, Interlochen was the place that catalyzed their dreams of a life in the arts. Here, they describe how the friendships, expert instruction, and fresh perspectives they found at Arts Camp changed the course of their futures.

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Ginger Lane

Ginger Lane

Ginger Lane (IAC 50, 52, 54-56) has lived an incredible life: after surviving the Holocaust by hiding in a laundry shed with her six siblings, she was adopted by an American couple who loved the arts. In the 1950’s, Lane found hope, healing, and artistic development at Interlochen Arts Camp. In the years following her time at Camp, she became a staunch advocate for dancers with disabilities. Lane is a gifted dancer and choreographer who received the 2022 Distinguished Service to the Dance Field Award.

“Interlochen gave me the opportunity to learn, to grow, to be open to new ideas and new people, and to explore a wide range of artistic expression,” says Lane. “From dance to theatre to visual art, I discovered not only what I excelled in but what I loved—all while being guided by a superb faculty and staff. The arts are open to anyone, and embrace the concept of acceptance and cultural diversity. Above all, Interlochen allowed me to discover who I am and to be who I am. Is Interlochen worth it? You bet!”

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Allan Heinberg

Allan Heinberg (IAC/NMC 80) turned his childhood love of comics into a career. He’s earned recognition as screenwriter of Wonder Woman and developer, executive producer, and writer for The Sandman on Netflix. His exciting journey started at Interlochen, where he found acceptance and encouragement in his artistic abilities.

“Having grown up in Oklahoma in the 1980s, I found that Interlochen was the first time I’d encountered people my own age who were every bit as passionate and serious and dedicated to the arts as I was,” he says. “The life and community of artists I’d imagined for myself as an awkward teenager in Tulsa became a joyful reality at Interlochen and has continued to this day.  I am eternally grateful for the unique, rare, and transformational experience that is Interlochen Center for the Arts."

Professional portrait photo of Tovah Feldshuh

Tovah Feldshuh

Tovah Feldshuh has earned a name for herself as one of Broadway’s most long-standing actresses. With a career that has spanned five decades, Feldshuh is still going strong: last year, she starred in the Broadway reboot of Funny Girl. Feldshuh has also acted in several television series and toured the country with her one-woman shows. She had an amazing time at Interlochen, and it even became part of her love story—she married the brother of her best friend at Arts Camp.

"Interlochen provided me with the most important turning points of my life: it gave me my life's work and my life's partner,” she says. “Could you ever ask more from any institution? Interlochen is an A+ and now it is better than ever."

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