Teresa Hittner

Instructor of French, Interlochen Arts Academy


B.A., St. Olaf College; M.Ed., University of Minnesota; Semester in Angers, France; 2-month intensive language course in Freiburg, Germany

Teresa Hittner is an Instructor of French. Experience abroad is one of Teresa Hittner's greatest assets.  Her sojourns in France include a study-abroad semester in Angers, a year in Strasbourg, a two-week workshop in central France, much travel and several bicycle tours.  These experiences provided her with a depth of understanding not obtainable through tourist travel.

Ms. Hittner has taught all levels of French, in a variety of situations, including a private school in Minnesota (Breck) and public schools in several states.  She also taught French to groups of homeschoolers.  Teaching alongside a native French speaker provided constant linguistic practice as well as great professional camaraderie.  Speaking only French with her daughters until they were 6 and 9 enriched her vocabulary.

She has also taught an intensive ESL course at a language institute in Grand Rapids, MI.