Sarah Pearsall

Sarah Pearsall
Instructor of Creative Writing
Florida International University
Bachelors of Arts, English
Florida International University
Master of Arts, Creative Writing
The University of Central Florida
Doctorate of Education, In Progress

About Sarah

Sarah E. Pearsall is a writing instructor at Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland, Florida. She has been accepted into the Doctorate of Education program at the University of Central Florida for fall 2021. There, she will specialize in Curriculum and Instruction for Higher Education with a focus on "Writing Across the Curriculum".

Sarah is the recipient of the FIU Literary Award in fiction and nonfiction, the Sterling Watson Fellowship at Eckard College, and the Southhampton Grant. Her work has been published in Sliver of Stone, Around Wellington. Macaroni Kids, and Tampa Bay Moms. A devout foodie and food writer, she runs a popular blog titled, "Vintage Kitchen" that that revels in the nostalgia of cooking from the past. Sarah is currently seeking an agent for her debut novel.

This is Sarah's sixth summer teaching creative writing at Interlochen. Next summer, she will launch a creative writing major for junior campers—an exciting new adventure!

My writing classroom is an active and dynamic environment that encourages students to draw the world and all of their experiences into their writing.

Doctorate of Education - in Progress

B.A., English - Florida International University

M.F.A., Creative Writing - Florida International University