Recording and Producing Music for Beginners

This hands-on course will teach you how to record and produce music at home. You will learn how to record with a microphone, at the appropriate levels, into a digital audio workstation (DAW) and use that software to build and shape what you record into great-sounding music. 

You will develop a solid understanding of the basic features of a DAW so that you can create tracks using functions such as solo, mute, record enable, monitor, and fader. You will also learn to edit tracks using quantize settings and take advantage of audio and MIDI loops. 

The course explores how to use effects plug-ins and mix your tracks using panning, EQ, and reverb to heighten the quality of the sound of your music. Within four weeks, you will be able to showcase your skills with a multi-track recording and mix that applies all that you learned in the course. 

What you will learn:

✔ Use the basic features of a DAW, such as inputs/outputs, inspector, edit window, zones, mixer, region, toolbar, tempo, and ruler bar
✔ Set up to record with a microphone with proper mic levels
✔ Demonstrate signal flow and the proper connections
✔ Record tracks using functions such as solo, mute, record enable, monitor, and fader
✔ Quantize and perform other editing to tracks
✔ Use audio and MIDI loops
✔ Mix tracks using panning, EQ, and reverb
✔ Create a multi-track recording and mix

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What you need to participate:

Program Snapshot

Course Dates

Jan. 17, 2023 - Feb. 11, 2023




Grades 7-12

Next Term Begins

Feb. 21, 2023

Full Academic Calendar

Meet the Faculty

Shane Adams

Instructor of Singer-Songwriter

My daughter had a great experience with Interlochen Online. The teachers were so supportive and knowledgeable. I've noticed a huge difference in her confidence and self-esteem after taking the program. Kudos to the amazing teachers for their expertise and support.

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