New: Interlochen Online to offer music and arts programs for adults.

Interlochen Online Academic Calendar

Join us for four-week courses that connect you with talented, inspiring Interlochen instructors and peers from around the world in any one of our eight terms per year.

TermStart DateEnd Date
Winter IJan. 17, 2023Feb. 12, 2023
Winter IIFeb. 21, 2023Mar. 19, 2023
Spring IMar. 27, 2023April 23, 2023
Spring IIMay 1, 2023May 28, 2023
Summer IJune 5, 2023July 2, 2023
Summer IIJuly 10, 2023Aug. 6, 2023
Fall ISept. 11, 2023Oct. 8, 2023
Fall IIOct. 23, 2023Nov. 19, 2023

Each week of an online course includes guided learning and hands-on activities that can be completed independently on a schedule that works best for you. You will have opportunities to ask questions, engage with your teacher and fellow classmates, and receive personalized feedback on a creative task or project each week.

In addition to four-week courses, you can register for weekly private lessons at any point during the year. Enroll in your desired number of lessons and add more as needed.