Interlochen Online Learning Experience

Interlochen Online's learning experience is designed to be world-class, inspiring, and flexible. Each course is built on four key activities designed to nurture your growth as an artist: Learn, Connect, Practice, and Create.

LearnOur online courses are paced in weekly learning units that have been expertly designed by artists, educators, and creatives. Each learning unit provides a guided tour of key instructional topics that you can learn about on a schedule that works for you.

ConnectYou will connect with your teacher and classmates in the Interlochen Online learning environment, sometimes through focused discussion around a specific subject, sometimes through direct messaging, and other times just for fun. You can ask questions at any time through messaging or in online class discussion forums. 

Every week features a live, hour-long video class meeting, where you learn directly from your teacher and chat with fellow students in real-time. The teacher will poll the class to identify the best meeting time possible, and will record and post all live sessions afterward so no one misses any of the learning.

PracticeYou will experiment and practice what you are learning through thoughtful and focused activities. You will receive personalized, constructive feedback along the way, both from your instructor and from your peers, to help you develop your ideas and hone your skills.

Create Each week you will create something and get more direct feedback from your teacher to help you improve and grow. You will finish the course with new practical skills and budding collaborations that will motivate you to pursue your art and realize your potential. 

Interlochen Online course is a compassionate, connected learning experience where creativity and artistry are nurtured through purposeful, hands-on creative projects, where developing artists are encouraged to ask big questions, where relationships are meaningful and authentic, and where artistic and personal growth is tangible. 

In keeping with Interlochen’s core value proposition, we are the online destination for artists where they transform passion and potential into purpose.  

Learn, Connect, Practice, Create