Interlochen Arts Camp applications for Summer 2024 are now open.

High School Ensemble Repertoire

Repertoire for all Summer 2023 high school ensembles is now available. See the accordions below for details.

Spotify Playlists

Get a sneak peek of the music we're playing at Interlochen Arts Camp this summer with our Spotify playlists. Click the accordions below to listen to the playlists for each ensemble. World Youth Honors Choir and Interlochen Singers playlists coming soon.

Not included: "Icarus" by Lera Auerbach and "Creation" by Tonya Wind Singer.

Not included: "A la caída de la tarde" by José Dolores Cerón, "The Sycamore and the Oak" by Tanner Porter, "Prayer" by Vivian Fung, "Supermaximum" by Kenji Bunch, "Toast of the Town" by Quinn Mason, and "Prayer for Orchestra" by Amanda Harberg.

Not included: "Rise" by Adam Schoenberg; "Adoration" by Florence Price (arr. Cheldon R. Williams); "Fanfare for Earth" by Giovanni Santos; "Shimmering Sunshine" by Kevin Day; The Star Wars Trilogy by John Williams (trans. Hunsberger/Lavender); "Humoresque" by Kimberly Archer; "Un Cafecito" by Dennis Llinás; and "Amen" by Caron Simon.

Playlist coming soon!

Playlist coming soon!