Motifs: March 2022

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Paola Prestini (IAC 90-91, IAA 91-93) is the composer for Sensorium Ex, a forthcoming multi-sensory opera that explores the intersections of disability, voice, and artificial intelligence. The opera’s development was chronicled in a short documentary, “The First Twenty: Sensorium,” which debuted on the ALL ARTS website and broadcast channel on March 8.

Rose Freymuth-Frazier’s (IAA 95-96) solo exhibition, “Rose Freymuth-Frazier - Inner Spaces” will open April 20 at the Stone Sparrow Gallery in New York City. The exhibition will feature a selection of Freymuth-Frazier’s figurative paintings spanning the past 15 years as well as new, never-before-exhibited works.

Alice K. Dade (IAA 95-98) will appear as co-host of Now Hear This on PBS’s Great Performances on April 9 at 9 p.m. In the episode, Dade explores the composer Amy Beach with host Scott Yoo. Fellow alumni Ieva Jokubaviciute (IAC 95, IAA 95-96, IAC St 96) and Conrad Cornelison (IAC 06-07, IAA 07-08, IAC St 09, IAC Fac 19) also appear in the episode.

Obadiah Baker (IAC 97-98, IAA 99-01) is one of six Drexel University students selected as semi-finalists for the prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student Program for 2022-23. Baker, who is currently pursuing his Ed.D in leadership and management, recently produced and composed the score for the documentary film The Shadow Between Us, which was featured at the 2022 Toronto Black Film Festival.

Andrew Rastetter (IAC 97-00, IAA 00-04, IAC St 04-05) was recently featured in an Architectural Record article about reducing embodied carbon emissions in the construction industry. Rastetter is currently a structural engineer in the San Francisco office of Buro Happold and teaches Introduction to Structures at UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design.

Nic Mains (IAC 10, 12, 14, IAA 12-14) is performing the role of "Augustus Gloop" in the national tour of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Colin Knapp (IAC 08, IAA 09-10) recently accepted a position as marketing manager for Paul Taylor American Modern Dance. Knapp will join the company following his graduation from Indiana University Bloomington, where he is pursuing master’s degrees in arts administration and public affairs.

Alana Wiesing (IAC 09-10) was featured in the October 2021 print and online editions of International Musician, the official journal of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. In addition to her role as principal timpani with Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Wiesing is an adjunct professor of percussion at the University of Arizona’s Fred Fox School of Music.

Jessica Reehorst (IAC 10, IAA 11-13) is creative director of the recently relaunched Priorlife, LLC, which upcycles previously-used banners, signs, displays, and other event branding into custom-made bags. Reehorst is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and has led the start-up venture since November 2021.

Daniel Spink (IAC 12) founded the Kodak Quartet, which will make its Carnegie Hall debut on April 7. The ensemble is currently the graduate string quartet in residence at Montclair State University.