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Motifs: July 2021

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Stephen Cera's (IAA 65-68) review of "Gustav Mahler, The Arduous Road to Vienna," a newly revised biography of Mahler, was published in Wunderhorn, the newsletter of the Gustav Mahler Society of New York (Spring/Summer 2021 issue).

Christina Britton Conroy (Chris Czukor - IAC/NMC 66-67, 69, IAA 67-70) performed at West End Assisted Living in New York City on July 4. During her visit, Chris met Dick Leonard (IAC/NMC 42-44, IAC St 48-50), a former World Youth Symphony assistant concertmaster and Arts Camp counselor.

After 20 years in the Chicago area as a ceramic artist and arts educator, Mary Dye (IAC/NMC 70-72) relocated to northern Michigan. She is currently building a new studio and wood-fired kiln and establishing a home and business in the Land of the Stately Pines. She still plays the trumpet.

Rhapsody Snyder (IAA 02-04, IAC St 04) is the newly appointed Executive Director of the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, America's definitive 'third stream' orchestra combining jazz and classical music.

Emily Pittinos (IAA 06-10, IAC Fac 18-20) released her debut poetry collection, “The Last Unkillable Thing,” in April 2021. The book received the Iowa Poetry Prize and is available through University of Iowa Press.