Motifs: August 2022

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Nina Trasoff (IAC/NMC 62-63, UNIV 64-65) wrote a lifestyle article in the Arizona Daily Star to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the National Music Camp’s performance for U.S. President John F. Kennedy at the White House. She would love to hear from any other dancers who were part of the 14-member troupe.

(Richard) Ernie Mansfield (IAC/NMC 64-65, IAA 65-67) has produced a number of jazz, Latin jazz, and new age albums on the Windsailor Music label. His upcoming release is called Spiritual Reflections and will feature Mansfield on flute playing traditional music as well as his own compositions.

Diane Evans (IAC/NMC 66-68, 70-71) has retired as Principal Harp of the Indianapolis Symphony and was recently appointed Visiting Associate Professor of Harp at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, beginning in the fall of 2022. Evans replaces former Oberlin harp professor Yolanda Kondonassis (IAA 78-82), who retired at the end of the spring 2022 semester.

Douglas Stewart (AS 79-80) fondly remembers his summers at Interlochen: “Those morning ‘calisthenics,’ life-scarring challenges, and cramming our woodwind quintet into those stone practice rooms are a sprinkling of the best memories of the best experience for many of us. …. We were allowed to do as we were wired to do—and provided opportunity at every turn for two very fast weeks.” Stewart has returned every summer (except for the past two) since his time as a student.

Kelly Heck (IAC/NMC 89-92, IAA 92-93, IAC St 94) won the gold medal in the Mackinac State Historic Parks’ juried art exhibition. Heck’s award-winning piece, The D.M.C., commemorates her family’s annual journeys to Mackinac Island. In addition to the gold medal, Heck will receive a cash prize and have her name added to the list of winners displayed in the Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum.

TJ Cole (IAC 03, 06-09; IAA 10-11, IAC St 14) was selected as a member of the Louisville Orchestra’s inaugural Creator Corps. During their time as a member of the Corps, Cole will compose new works, participate in educational activities, and engage with the residents of Louisville’s Shelby neighborhood.

Conrad Cornelison (IAC 06-07, IAA 07-08, IAC St 09, IAC Fac 19) was recently appointed the principal bassoon of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. He will hold the newly established Byron and Dorothy Gerson Chair.

Graham Emberton (AS 09, IAC Fac 17-18) was recently appointed concertmaster of the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra.

Levi Ebnit (IAC 18, IAA 18-22, IAC St 22), Mason DeFoe (IAA 21-), and Reese Poole (IO 20, IAC 21, IAA 21-) performed at the River Days Festival in Midland, Michigan.

Alejandro Aramburu (IAC 19-21, IAA 21-22) released his debut single, “Besarte.” The Latin pop single describes the process of falling in love through the eyes of a teenager. The song’s music video was directed by Dennis Montejo and features Peruvian television star Adriana Campos-Salazar.