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Campus Safety and Transportation

Campus Safety

Our Campus Safety department works tirelessly to provide a safe environment where our students can explore, grow, and take artistic risks. Some of our safety processes include:

  • A Welcome Center with a gated entrance that is staffed by safety personnel 24/7 and monitors every vehicle entering campus, including distinguishing employees from guests with employees using RFID technology for entrance into campus.
  • A comprehensive emergency warning system and site emergency plan, including outdoor speakers that can be heard across campus no matter where you student may be.
  • The ability to monitor and track all 911 calls made on campus, including those placed from cell phones.
  • Emergency procedures are posted in each cabin and building for evacuation and emergencies.
  • Safety drills that occur within 48 hours of the arrival of your student, making sure they know what to do in case of fire, severe weather, a lockdown, and a lost swimmer.
  • Certified lifeguards at all designated swimming areas.
  • A 10-minute swim test for all students who wish to swim in deep water or participate in boating. This test allows the swimmer to demonstrate proficiency in two strokes, endurance while treading water, and the ability to put on a life jacket in deep water.
  • At least 26 safety officers comprise three daily shifts for 24/7 presence, with nearly 35% of campus safety staff holding previous law enforcement positions.
  • Comprehensive background checks are performed on all faculty, staff, board members, and volunteers.
  • We facilitate lockdown drills in coordination with local law enforcement and first responders throughout the calendar year. We do conduct a one in the summer, making Interlochen Arts Camp one of the few camps in the nation to test and practice lockdown drills and establishes us as a leader in this process.
  • Regular meetings with state and local law enforcement to help train the campus community, including emergency simulations.
  • Security checkpoints and metal detectors for all patrons attending commercial concerts in Kresge Auditorium.
  • Crossing guards to assist students who may need to cross the highway.
  • A formal mutual aid agreement with the Traverse City Area Public Schools, which means we can utilize their services and facilities to care for our students off-campus should the need arise.
  • 24-hour medical facilities on campus.
  • 24-hour campus roving by our Campus Safety department and additional evening roving by our residence life staffs.
  • 130+ security cameras creating recordings that are monitored by campus safety.

Student Transportation

The Student Travel Office works with students, parents, airlines, and the institution in coordinating student travel to and from Interlochen's campus. To request an airport pickup or dropbox, please fill out the appropriate form in the Education Community.

Please note the following information about transportation and fees:

  • Transportation generally requests a minimum of 72 hours notice. They will not accept any requests with less than 24 hours notice.
  • Transportation Fees:
    • Medical Round Trip: Traverse City - $25.00
    • Cherry Capital Airport and Bus Terminal
      • Camp Arrival - $12.00
      • Camp Departure - $12.00
      • Unscheduled arrival or departure student $13.00
    • Parent or Hotel Guest, Each Way - $25.00
    • No Shows or Late Notice (Less than 48 hours) - $30.00

Transportation questions may be directed to: 231.276.7303.