FAQs for Arts Academy International Students

Can I come to Interlochen on a B1/B2 visa? 

Answer: No. B1/B2 visas are not permitted for studying at Interlochen. The purpose of your travel to the United States is to study, therefore you need to be on a student visa. In most cases, international students are required to obtain an F-1 visa with an I-20.

I am a Canadian citizen. Do I need a visa? 

Answer: Canadian​ citizens do not require a visa to enter the United States directly from Canada, but are required to present the I-20 and the receipt for payment of the SEVIS I-901 FEE. 

I have a green card. Do I need an I-20 or a visa?

Answer: No. Your green card is sufficient for study in the United States.

How many international students does Interlochen have?

Answer: International students typically account for 20% of the student population.

Where do students attend college after Interlochen?

Answer: Matriculation data may be found here.

 Can I just take arts classes at Interlochen Arts Academy?

Answer: All Arts Academy students are required to take academic classes and arts classes.

Can international students receive scholarships and financial aid?

Answer: Yes. International students are eligible to apply for most scholarships and financial aid. Please see the Tuition and Financial Aid page for more information.

Are there any additional fees for international students?

Answer: Yes. Additional fees from Interlochen may include the international student fee, English as a Language fee, and health insurance. Please see the Tuition and Financial Aid page for more information. Most international students will also pay government processing fees associated with obtaining their visa as well as the SEVIS I-901 fee.

Am I required to have health insurance? 

Answer: Yes. All students must have health insurance applicable in the United States. International students will be automatically enrolled in GeoBlue International insurance.

Can I be picked up from the Detroit or Chicago airports?

Answer: No. Interlochen is only able to pick up students at the Traverse City Cherry Capital Airport

I am a parent flying with my student. Where can I rent a car or a taxi?

Answer: Please see the car rentals page at Cherry Capital Airport. 

Where can I rent a hotel?

Answer: Interlochen has availability on campus through the Stone Hotel. There are also a number of hotels located in the Grand Traverse County area. You can find more information at our Stone Hotel page.

Can students fly alone?

Answer: Yes. At most airlines, you will need to purchase Unaccompanied Minor Service for students 15 and under; you also may optionally purchase this service for any student under 17. Utilizing the Unaccompanied Minor Service, an airline representative will escort an unaccompanied minor through layover airports. 

Who can I reach out to with more questions?

Answer: Please email international@interlochen.org or admission@interlochen.org