Postgraduate Gap Year Program

Two students listen intently during an academic class at Interlochen Arts Academy

Advancing from high school to college can be more than just a step. It can be a major leap. You may need more time to get ready for college, to prepare for your conservatory audition, or to complete your portfolio. You may want to give yourself the space to weigh your options while still growing as an artist.

Interlochen Arts Academy’s postgraduate gap year program is designed for high school graduates who want to focus on greater artistic preparation before entering college, conservatory, university, or art school. As a postgrad student, you’ll receive personalized training to take your skills to the next level and expert academic and college counseling to help you navigate the admission process and achieve your goals.

Thanks to our partnership with Indiana University’s Advance College Project, you can earn college credit on Interlochen's campus while taking select academic courses. These credits are transferable to many colleges or universities. When you enroll in IU courses in English, History, and Science through ACP at the Academy, you receive both high school and college credit. Courses are taught by Interlochen faculty members on campus so there is no need to travel to IU or use an online platform.

Postgraduate students receive a certificate upon successful completion of their year and are part of the Interlochen Arts Academy community for life.

Postgraduate alumna, Julianna Lee

I was accepted into Cornell and decided to take a gap year before going to college—and I decided to go to Interlochen. It was truly an amazing experience because I got to be in a community that really supports you and your art.

Julianna Lee, Arts Academy (Theatre Design & Production)

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