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The Music Center

The Music Center

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A rehearsal hall in the new Music Center.

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Percussion instruments in the new Music Center.

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A music production studio

The state-of-the-art Music Center provides students and faculty the opportunity to leverage the latest in musical expectations and technology with Interlochen's already-rich music curriculum.

The building contains: two 3,500 square-foot rehearsal halls, providing amazing spaces for orchestra, wind symphony, and vocal rehearsals; two recording studios, which allow for rehearsal and performance recordings in multiple venues throughout campus; 11 ensemble rooms; 10 practice rooms; and 26 private lesson teaching studios.

A number of construction and building measures were executed to ensure an optimal rehearsal and practice experience. The box-in-box construction technique was used to insulate sound, reducing unwanted noise and vibration. Acoustically rated doors seal in and absorb sound, while non-parallel walls avoid unwanted sound reflections.

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