Vision 2028

Viola private lesson at interlochen arts academy

Since its founding in 1928, Interlochen has been a place of wonder and joy, friendship, and creative inspiration. Our founder, Joseph Maddy, envisioned “one of the greatest institutions for the development of the arts that the world has ever seen.”  

Today, Interlochen is internationally recognized for its immersive, comprehensive, and transformative year-round arts education programs dedicated to young artists who develop confidence and find purpose within our creative community. 

Yet, as we envision Interlochen at 100, we aspire even higher. 

The opening of the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow House in October 2021 marked the successful completion of our 30-year campus master plan. Seventeen major projects and nearly $90 million in support created an artistic center for every discipline with facilities that rival or exceed those at the collegiate and professional levels. 

Now, we look to make a fundamental and necessary shift in focus from developing the “place” of Interlochen to permanently endowing our “people” and “programs.” We have laid a strong foundation for our second century, and positioned Interlochen as an unequivocal leader in arts education and driving influence of creative culture.  

Our vision now is to achieve new levels of excellence while substantially expanding access: enhancing the quality of our programs, while also making them more affordable. There is a tension in these goals, but Interlochen’s bright future depends on our continued investment in the caliber of the Interlochen experience while creating unprecedented access to students of all backgrounds.  

The stakes are high—not only for Interlochen, but for the arts, professions, and communities around the world. We deeply affect our students at a formative moment in their lives. And in developing the next generation of creative changemakers, we make a profound impact on society. The engagement of our community — alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends — in supporting the goals of Vision 2028 will enable us to leave Interlochen’s imprint on young creatives and the world.  

Joseph Maddy described Interlochen as “a movement.” Together, as an ensemble of artists and supporters, we will take Interlochen to new heights in its second century and beyond. 

Trey Devey

Trey Devey

President, Interlochen Center for the Arts