Three Visual Arts Majors Accepted to Cooper Union

The elite arts and academic school has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the country, making three acceptances from one school a rare feat.

A visual artist sets up an installation

Interlochen Arts Academy students Thomas Blair, Olivia Hagerty, and Waseem Nafisi were all accepted into Cooper Union, a school that boasts a seven percent acceptance rate.

"I am very impressed with the students' abilities and their acceptance into Cooper. The school only accepts about 40 freshman from outside of New York state," says visual arts director Mindy Zacher Ronayne. "They also place an emphasis on diversity, so it is rare for a school to get more than one student in, if any at all."

According to Cooper's admissions team, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art prepares talented students to make enlightened contributions to society through outstanding academic programs in architecture, art and engineering, and a faculty of humanities and social sciences.

The college admits undergraduates solely on merit and awards generous scholarships to all enrolled students. The institution provides close contact with a distinguished, creative faculty and fosters rigorous, humanistic learning that is enhanced by the process of design and augmented by the urban setting. Founded in 1859 by Peter Cooper, industrialist and philanthropist, The Cooper Union offers public programs for the civic, cultural and practicable enrichment of New York City, and beyond.

"Illya Mousavijad received a full tuition scholarship to Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, the only full tuition scholarship they give out," added Mindy. "And Claire Harvey received a full tuition scholarship to Washington University. As is the case with Interlochen's other arts disciplines, Visual Arts students are receiving outstanding scholarship offers from top college and university programs."