Scenes from the New York Tour

Students performed on world-class stages, toured New York arts organizations, and explored some of the city's most famous attractions.

Three male students dressed in warm coats stand by the water, with the New York skyline behind them.

On a trip to Liberty Island, home of the Statue of Liberty, a group of students take in the city skyline.

A student in a white shirt with a passionate expression plays saxophone. He is surrounded by members of his jazz band.

Interlochen Arts Academy Jazz students perform in New York.

A student wearing a blue coat poses with her mother, who wears a red coat, in front of skyscrapers.

A student poses with her mother in front of One World Trade Center.

Students practice stretching in a dance studio with natural light.

Dance students warm up at the Martha Graham Studios.

A row of adults wearing official name tags sit at a table and smile at the viewer.

Tour staff members welcome students and parents to New York.

A student in a red dress plays violin in a warm wood concert hall.

Members of an Interlochen Arts Academy string quartet perform in New York City.

Four students and an instructor pose in front of neon signs at night in Times Square, New York.

Students and Director of Theatre Design & Production Stephen John enjoy the dazzling night lights at Times Square.

A large group of people wearing shirts that read "MUKTI" stand on a hill outdoors, smiling and waving.

The students, staff, and faculty of the MUKTI New York Tour wave from Central Park.