“MUKTI: Poems of Liberation” accepted into Hawaii-based international film festival

The short film, based on the life stories of several Arts Academy students, was created in collaboration with student filmmakers, animators, and poets

A painting of a dark-skinned hand grasping an orange in front of a cloud-filled sky.

“MUKTI: Poems of Liberation”, a short film created by Interlochen Arts Academy students, was recently accepted into CAFF: The Cultural Animation Film Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“Poems of Liberation” originally premiered as part of the MUKTI performance on March 3, 2023 at David Geffen Hall in New York City. The sold-out interdisciplinary event celebrated the culmination of Interlochen’s collaboration with the New York Philharmonic and 15 creative youth development organizations in New York.

“‘Poems of Liberation’ beautifully expresses diverse perspectives on what it means to be oppressed and what it means to be free,” said Briana Yarhouse, Director of Animation. “I am so proud of our students for delving deeply into their own lived experiences to create this animated film, and I’m so glad it’s receiving recognition on a global stage.”

The short film was created in collaboration with student filmmakers, animators, and poets. It is inspired by the personal stories of Arts Academy students from multiple artistic disciplines.

For seven years, CAFF has showcased a unique collection of animation from around the world. The festival features work from both new and seasoned animators alike, with the purpose of sharing stories that shed light on issues of cultural identity.

Students in Interlochen Arts Academy’s Animation major explore a variety of physical and digital media, as well as new and emerging technologies. They take master classes with guest artists from a variety of animation fields and such renowned organizations as Walt Disney Animation Studios, Apple, and ILM. Graduates emerge with the skills to effectively communicate ideas and emotion through their work. 

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