Office of Enrollment Management & Marketing

Combining decades of experience in media, marketing, advertising, and branding, the Office of Enrollment Management & Marketing works to promote the Interlochen mission with the world. Driven to connect with artists, audiences, and our community around the globe, our team engages through a multitude of platforms to promote Interlochen Center for the Arts as a leader in arts education and an unparalleled cultural resource.

Our Vice President

Mike King

Vice President Enrollment Management and Marketing

Maureen Oleson

Maureen Oleson

Director of Communications

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Chip Rice

Chip Rice

Director of Marketing

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Leah Stewart

Leah Stewart

Director of Digital Media

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Rachael Denison

Director of Enrollment Strategy and Analytics

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Melissa Birdsey

Content Specialist

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Raizel Coiman

Marketing Manager, Live Performances and Lodging

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Michelle Hunt

Graphic Designer

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Glenn Huffman

Marketing Project Manager

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Greg Johnson

Video Producer

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Christina Schoenow

Graphic Designer

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Ashley Seibel

Marketing CRM Specialist

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Hillary Troup

Enrollment Marketing Manager

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Mary Caroline Whims

Content Producer

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